PARADISE LOST: Venezuela’s Economy CRUMBLES, 1 Chicken Costs 1 MONTH’S SALARY

Originally published at: PARADISE LOST: Venezuela’s Economy CRUMBLES, 1 Chicken Costs 1 MONTH’S SALARY | Sean Hannity

The Venezuelan economy continued to crumble this week, with ultra-inflation of 1,000,000% sending the price of a single chicken to nearly 1.5 months’ worth of the average worker’s salary.

Residents throughout the oil-rich nation are struggling to emigrate to neighboring Colombia despite claims by Venezuela’s socialist President Nicolas Maduro that a recent assassination attempt was orchestrated by Bogota.

“We are political persecuted, we have been persecuted by this government. Everyone who has been persecuted by the government has had to flee,” said a Venezuelan man crossing the bridge into Colombia. “We have left our country looking for a new horizon because they want to kill us, they have killed our families and hide everything that’s happening around the world from Venezuela.”

“We need the international community to understand that the United States – yes, we’ve given $60 million and we’re giving $9 million more today – but everyone needs to step up and everyone needs to be loud against Maduro and force him to leave,” said Ambassador Nikki Haley earlier this week.

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I guess you can get gas for about .38 cents a gallon but a dozen eggs cost $150.00 or more. Why don’t all the Democrat Socialists running for office go down to Venezuela and show them how it should be done, since they think they have the correct socialist model! While there they can dine on Zebra from the Zoo! :smirk:

So much for a chicken in every pot.

A socialist utopia.