Papa John's founder doing it again

Big trump supporter and donor going full blown racist, anyone surprised?

At least he didn’t try to walk it back by saying he was quoting Colonel Sanders.

I would’ve absolutely loved that defense, though.


oh god that made me lawl

I didn’t call them that. Nuh uh. Colonel Sanders called them that.

Colonel Sanders called them ________.

Not me.

You can’t fix racist.

Birds of a feather.

If the shoe fits. As long as this idiot doesn’t come out and claim he’s not. When you use that word, you have given people the green light to torch you. He needs to suck it up and accept the consequences. I don’t want to hear any crybaby apologies.



â– â– â– â–  this guy.

Who else are you incriminating? Are you projecting the assumption of guilt on somebody else? This is exactly why people have had enough of the democratic party. The group character assassinations. It’s why the #walkaway movement is gaining momentum. This is the word of one man. And one man only. Deal with it.

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Bless your heart.

Papa John’s pizza is disgusting. I wouldn’t eat there even if the owner wasn’t a racist.


Pretty sure lulubee is incriminating other racists, which is sort of what that saying means.

It is not.

You constantly write “libs” every chance you get, hypocrite much?


Thanks. Same to you. :blush:

Libs are deserving of their lib label, because libs are so lib-like. Nobody grows up wanting to be a lib, because libs are disgusting, but somehow lib culture indoctrinates them into the lib-lifestyle. At that point it’s game over for those libs because there’s no coming back from being a lib.

Get busy Libbing or get busy dying.


Don’t even get me started people who ad lib.

At least it’s not Little Caesars level bad. With them you throw away the pizza and eat the box.