PANIC IN EL PASO: City Officials Warn of Impending ‘CRISIS’ as ICE Releases 1,600 Migrants

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City officials in El Paso, Texas are warning of an impending “crisis” in the region; confirming local charities and non-profit organizations are increasingly strained as federal authorities release upwards of 1,600 migrants onto city streets.

“The incoming congresswoman of the Texas border city of El Paso is warning of an imminent ‘crisis’ as local officials and charities scramble to accommodate at least 1,600 migrants dropped off there by federal authorities in recent days,” writes CBS News.

“We have these teams coming in to play in our Sun Bowl this weekend and the hotels are booked,” said incoming congresswoman Veronica Escobar. “We’re facing a real crisis coming up … to find places for all of these (migrant) families.”

ICE released an official statement this week saying the agency was forced to release the migrants to comply with a federal “timeframe” dictating the duration a family could be detained by federal authorities.

Read the full report at CBS News.

Why does your headline say PANIC is all caps. Nothing in your text or the CBS article said anything about panic… but rather warned of an impending crisis.

This has all the earmarks of the responsible parties putting their hands up to say, “Hey, we need some attention down here.” That seems responsible.

So why proclaim “panic”? We need to all remember that America is the home of the brave, not the home of the craven and the fearful. If there is a problem, let’s roll up our sleeves and fix it, which is what Americans always did until the current era of whining about victimization and screaming PANIC!!

In the middle of 9/11 – and I was looking out my apartment windows at the burning World Trade Center, my employer then – who had a lot of traveling employees who were stranded – was reaching out to find people to house folks who could not fly that day. I volunteered as did many others – and everyone found shelter. That’s what American do.

“We have nothing to fear except fear itself.” FDR