Panel: Navy May Have to Choose Between New Ballistic Missile Subs or 355 Ship

One of the few benefits of the other set of clowns controlling the House of Representatives is that the pipe dream of the 355 Ship Navy will be put firmly to rest and likely increases in the other services will be stopped as well.

The Columbia-class submarines MUST be built. That is NOT an option. They are the most important leg of the nuclear deterrent and are not an option. We will be spending that money.

The Navy can pretty much assume the shipbuilding budget will NOT be increased. Republicans will not regain the House under President Trump.

If anything, the Ship Battle Force number may DECREASE by a few ships over the next two decades. Additionally, the Navy may have to slow the acquisition rate of Ford-class carriers in order to allow for construction of smaller ships.

This is just as well. I don’t think the Navy could have sustained the increased numbers over the long haul and this stops a potential sudden burst of shipbuilding that might have left us with a glut of ships in mothballs when the budget collapsed later on.