PALIN ON QUAKE: ‘Pray for Alaska, Our Family is Intact, Our House is Not’

Originally published at: PALIN ON QUAKE: ‘Pray for Alaska, Our Family is Intact, Our House is Not’ | Sean Hannity

Former Governor of Alaska and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin posted an update on social media just minutes after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocked Anchorage; saying “our family is intact, our house is not.”

“Pray for Alaska. Our family is intact - house is not… I imagine that’s the case for many, many others. So thankful to be safe; praying for our state following the earthquake,” tweeted the former Governor.

The 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck just outside of Anchorage, Alaska Friday; prompting US officials to issue a tsunami warning for specific parts of the region and urged residents to head inland.

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I have never experienced an earthquake. You are in my prayers, Sarah, as is your glorious state.

Earthquakes are no fun. I have been through several, but fortunately none so big as that one.

All Alaskans in the earthquake zone are in our prayers here.

My wife and I are still tickled and amazed no one was killed.

Because they build and train for quakes in Alaska and California…where a 7.0 might kill many many people elsewhere.

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Even for all of that training and new construction with quake technology it is still amazing.