Palin (on Fox News) Scared Of 'Socialist' Obama

Yeah, all your gay, Kenyan Obama posts prove all of that so well.

I knew not having access to the old board was eventually gonna come back to hurt those of us that have a good memory.


I’ll call obama a gay, muslim, kenyan, America-hating, socialist, flexible putin-puppet all day long if it makes you happy. Still doesn’t mean I participated in the birther nonsense. The fact that you have to be constantly reminded of this shows how bad your memory is.

And once again, everything I’ve been saying for the past 2 1/2 years has been true. Everything you’ve been saying has been media propaganda and outright lies that you never took time to question, and still can’t figure out were lies.

I’ll be alright.

And the fact that you’re bringing up 7 year old huffpo “stories” about palin making obama into a victim shows how lost you are.

What the actual ■■■■

I think everyone here knows what you called him. Pretty much all that.


But I never called him a kenyan until after he left office and saw how low your side wants to go.

No crying now.

:joy: :rofl:

It’s to just go over the top and not stop to scare the living hell needlessly out of those who pay attention to it. The truth be damned. Just be crazy.

I too remember it well

Remember it? I said those things a few days ago, last week, and last month. Several times.


I’ll say it all again if you ask nicely.

Yes. You continue to say the same thing you’ve been saying for almost a decade now

Flush twice!


There is simply a large percentage of Americans who were gullible and that’s never gonna change. I’d be shocked if companies didn’t take advantage of that for $$$$.

Good thing so many investigations have cleared trump of all of the media lies.

They really are the enemy of the people.

Dude, you’re on a Sean Hannity message board. Saying that his network is the enemy of the people is not very smart.

Where did you see that because not even Trump’s lackey is trying to say Trump was exonerated.

The fact that you STILL refer to him as “Hussein”, as if that’s supposed to mean something, says a lot about your mentality.

And it ain’t good.

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Whatever Trump tells them to think, they think. Don’t blame them though, as they have been conditioned to not think for themselves for over a generation now. Limbaugh has blatantly said for almost 30 years that he tells them what to think, and they happily oblige.

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He’s probably the most America-hating hussein in history.

did he actually say that??

Spoken like the true Chris Davis (1st baseman, single-A Orioles) of this forum.

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