Palin (on Fox News) Scared Of 'Socialist' Obama

OK, so all these years later have any of you guys to figured out what the game plan is for Republican media? Have any of your families been torn apart by radical views? Have you figured out that calling any and everyone a socialist is a very profitable thing and a winning strategy? Have you figured out, even after 8 years of Republican media saying that Obama was a socialist, that he wasn’t and he was an average American President? If your families have been torn apart by politics, are you intrested in patching up relationships?

According to hussein’s inner circle, he desperately wanted to let the mask slip. He just loves socialism.

But he was 10 years too early.

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New York Post? Really? You have to come WAAAAAAYYYY stronger than that.

Just to be fair, the Daily times is right there with them on the other end of the spectrum.

Step your sources up, Do better! LOL!

I searched “socialist” in that article. There was no mention of the past President admitting he’s a socialist.

And it’s the New York Post.

The very first response in this thread proved how powerful Republican media is.

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Maybe I should quote a source that ran with a phony russian collusion hoax every day for 2 1/2 years.

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According to his inner circle.

Sounds much more reliable than “anonymous sources”.

Hey brother, I read the article and nowhere in there does it mention that Obama admitted he’s a socialist. Can you point me in the right direction?

To be honest that’s not really even the issue. It’s that Republican media have these people so convinced of certain things, that aren’t reality, they will go to their deathbeds believing them. That’s massive influence and genius marketing.

The NY Post published a headline that doesn’t square with the article? Color me shocked.

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Says the board’s biggest russian hoax true believer.

putin played you guys so hard.

I’m just glad that birthers, like yourself, weren’t in charge of the investigation or starting the investigation. Otherwise we wouldn’t have information and indictments on…

Russian intelligence officers Viktor Borisovich Netyksho, Boris Alekseyevich Antonov, Dmitriy Sergeyevich Badin, Ivan Sergeyevich Yermakov, Aleksey Viktorovich Lukashev, Sergey Aleksandrovich Morgachev, Nikolay Yuryevich Kozacheck, Pavel Vyacheslavovich Yershov, Artem Andreyevich Malyshev, Aleksandr Vladimirovich Osadchuk, Aleksey Aleksandrovich Potemkin

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This is true, Obama is a socialist but he could not admit that because that’s not the legacy of being “1st” that he wanted in the history books. His actions speak louder then his lying mouth so he will go down in history on both “historic” counts.


See what I mean.

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Question for you, what socialist actions from Obama speak louder than words? Can you name a couple?

I saw the thread title and thought Palin had emerged from exile to give us one more “you betcha.”

So you follow up a false equivalent deflection with an even worst deflection. Stop being lazy. Do Better! LOL!


This part made me laugh out loud. LMAO
You have zero room to talk about someone lying or their actions


I guess someone so clearly susceptible to lies, like yourself, has no problem spreading them as well.

I was not, am not, will never be a birther. Even people who were active in that ridiculous thread would tell you I wasn’t a participant.

Just shows your desperation to try to smear me with your lies.

Well there it is. If Sarah said it…then the only thing I can do is to vote for Trump to save our nation from itself. I’m in.