Pakistan shoots down two Indian fighter Jets

Tensions have been getting pretty high for a while now, there’s a genuine (though small) risk of war breaking out at this point.

We’re basically reliant on India’s policy of restraint winning out atm.

Looks like India either took down a Pakistani Jet in response, or one of the aircraft in the OP was Pakistani not Indian.

Also reports of an Indian transport helicopter maybe going down as well.

War on the Indian subcontinent is one of the doomsday scenarios that scares me.

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Pakistan harbors terrorist camps. The leaders of Pakistan are either condoning it or have been ignorant for a long time and have done little to stop it. India is often on the receiving end of these terrorists and they’ve had enough. I’m putting my money on India and I hope the rest of the world does too.

You think they would use nukes being neighbors? It would be really stupid I think.

Anytime Nuclear powers go into direct war with each other, it is very very scary.

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I may rely too heavily on the concept of MAD. But, I agree, it’s scary.

Nuclear war is the biggest threat to the world - Period. And now with rogue regimes like North Korea - soon to be Iran, and yes I include Pakistan with the power to launch a nuclear armageddon the world is a very scary place. Talk about climate change, a nuclear winter would make the world forget about the effects of CO2. Very scary stuff.

Even Obama stated that Pakistan was what kept him up at night.

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Yup, Pakistan is the worry. Plenty of nationalist hard-liners over there who love this stuff. And some in India too to be fair.

Things could spiral very quickly out of control over there.

What really scares me is the US and Russian responses. Pakistan is a US ally and India plays both but leans towards the Russians.

On paper, anyway…

“Politics makes strange bedfellows.”

P’stan is a sponsor and harborer of terror groups. Where was Bin Laden killed again? And how long had he been there? And wasn’t P’stan upset by our raid?

I worry about Pakistan far more than North Korea. On so many levels.

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Well officially they are an ally.

Not saying all levels of their government and security apparatuses are though.


The government tolerates us, the people in Pakistan hate us. That country is rife for a military style takeover at any moment. I am not worried about India. I have heard many people in my life question the creation of Israel, but to me the creation of Pakistan at the same time was a much worse decision.

Will probably soon be able to add Iran to that list. That’s a terrifying thought, a nuclear weapon in the hands of people that “mutually assured destruction” might not sound like a bad idea.

Sigh…this isnt the problem

Out of all the nation that has nukes…Pakistan is most dangerous IMO. More o then NK.

And “some” say that keeps Iranian up all night. And thus why they want nukes themselves. Not so much as Israel.

We will stay out of it. Russia and US will not involve ourselves if those two countries exchange nukes. That’s providing China stays out of it as well.

China and Pakistan are pretty close, if anything China hates India…hell they have gone to war as well.

Then educate us…

The fear is they go to war and use nukes…water is the issue…

LOL what happened to all your previous protests about how NK being the most dangerous regime in the world and no US president should be meeting with the dictator with no preconditions.