PA Democrat lawmaker offers bounty for identities and addresses of abortion protestors

This is same crap that Trump and his accomplices are doing to drag this country into the gutter.

Get rid of his ass as soon as legally possible!!! At some point we have to stop this circle of hate.

ICYMI - This is a video of the politician in question, lip synching behind the wheel. In one link he was referred to as “hunky”. Personally, I see nothing “hunky” about someone who seems to enjoy uploading videos of himself as much as this guy, and I have to say, in NJ, with the expanded definition of “distracted driving”, the number of times his eyes and hands wandered could get him a citation.

Is the “left” one big coordinated hive like group?

If not, consider putting the word, “some”, or “many” preceding the phrase …“the left”

IMO, some in the left, have unproductive ways to get their message out there, or protest in ways that are unwelcome or just nasty, and some are bat crap crazy.

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This guy is an ■■■■■■■ and so is Trump.