PA Democrat lawmaker offers bounty for identities and addresses of abortion protestors

Pot → Kettle

The majority of the leftist replies in this thread are essentially “neener neener, Trump …”

King of whataboutism

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If you’re going to call me the pot in this equation then you’re going to have to show that I’ve done that. I won’t hold my breath, especially for the retraction that you owe me when you won’t be able to show me doing so.

He can have mine. Tell him to contact me here.

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Silly! Don’t you know you have the Freedom to Choose—as long as your choices are the same as those of the individuals who champion the “freedom to choose” the loudest?!

Hint, they’re not the ones praying for the babies.

And to think individuals like this are the same ones calling conservatives anti women😲and the “Party of Old, White Men”.

Sounds like pot has met kettle to me.

What a piece of crud this guy is. He wanted to dox 13 year olds for having the audacity to pray on a public street not bothering anybody just praying for the innocent unborn and the sinners who kill them! He also harassed a senior citizen calling her a “white old lady” repeatedly as she said the rosary!

Liberals and Dems go apologetic when President Trump takes on the MSM and exchanges name calling with them but don’t have any problem with leftist liberal bullies who pick on private citizens, senior citizens and children!! :open_mouth:

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Gee, this disgusting lawmaker made repeated references to the silent protesters’ color, white.

Is he in favor of the disproportionate number of black babies killed in abortion?

How about the disproportionate number of female babies killed in countries like India and China? Is he in favor of that, too?!

So tell me again how the GOP is the “Party of Old, White Men”, as some assert?

I hope this waste of space gets voted out of office.

Right from your entry into this thread you’ve been over-defensive about people calling you things.

For example:

He didn’t say you were. He referred to “the left”.

And what did I say?

So take a breath and chill. Sheesh.

I predicted earlier in the thread, and I still believe, that he will be reelected with flying colors.

How do conversations with you always become about me? It’s always about me.

I came into this thread pointing out that OP was going to lower himself to standards he criticizes, and that it’s something that has become quite common from Trump supporters.

Posters here have continuously justify Trump’s actions with “butwhatabotuObama?” Those very same people, on the old forum, Trump was going to rise above Washington politics, and that he would drain the swamp, and that he would be better than Obama, and on, and on, and on.

That was the observation I made coming into the thread. And now you want to me it about me.


And I’m pointing out that you always justify the behavior of others by comparing them to Trump. Aren’t dems supposed to be better? Do you think this guy acted perrrctly fine?

When? Give examples.

No, what I do is point out when Trump supporters refuse to hold them to the standard to which they held Obama. And I was critical of Obama on some big issues. I’ve been quite consistent on that.

Trump was supposed to be greater than Obama, and he’s being allowed to do things Obama was highly criticized for doing, or considering. He’s not being held to any standard at all, really. His supporters are just happy he’s sticking it to libs.

No, I don’t expect any more of Dems than I do Repubs.

Absolutely not. He was way out of bounds, and IMO, this type of action is worth removal from office. It’s dangerous-politics does not justify what he’s attempting to do.

Trump takes on the vicious MSM rabid dogs who viciously attack him everyday, they can take care of themselves and deserve what they get, they draw first blood and they deserve some push & punch back!

Liberals condone attacking anyone who doesn’t agree with them from a 7 year old selling hot chocolate to support the men in blue, to 13 year old’s praying outside an abortion clinic, to the Covington teenagers wearing MAGA hats at the Lincoln memorial, or teenagers sitting in a restaurant with their friends to senior citizens saying the rosary in public. Liberals are verbally and physically abusive and attack people on a daily basis. :angry:

There is a serious difference of what Trump does to the media & his political opponents and what liberals do to their fellow citizens and children! :angry::angry:

I recommend watching the movie Unplanned. The true story of a Planned Parenthood director who wound up quitting and switching sides.

A real eye opener if one has any doubts about how evil abortion is and what goes on inside those walls. I had no doubts and wasn’t really surprised by anything myself.

My wife and I watched it this afternoon.

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Sad that our society has descended into that. I guess some consider freedoms like peaceful protest and freedom of religion to be irrelevant.

That’s Abby Johnson, no? And wasn’t she served by her ex employer with a Protective Order?

Good seeing you here again!

You may want to do some research on the “true story” angle.

You’re the one who asked about you.

I answered your question, and now you seem upset about the truth.

There’s no pleasing some people.

Protective orders are a dime a dozen. The ex employer sued Abby in court and lost. That particular PP eventually shut down.

Thanks for the welcome back.

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