PA Democrat lawmaker offers bounty for identities and addresses of abortion protestors

A female adult approached Sims and explained that they “are actually just here praying for the babies” before he offered $100 to anyone who can identify the girls within the group.

Sims approaches a woman who appears to be holding a rosary and avoiding the camera. He refers to her as “today’s protester” and “an old white lady.” For more than seven minutes he proceeds to berate the woman for “shaming people for something that they have a constitutional right to do.”

“Bring it, Bible Bullies! You are bigots, sexists, and misogynists and I see right through your fake morals and your broken values,” Sims replied.

Acceptable behavior for a lawmaker - offering money for the identities and home addresses of the protestors? I wonder what he was going to use those addresses for - sending a mob to their private residences to harass and intimidate them like he was doing?

Also- is everyone who opposes abortion a bigot, misogynist, and sexist?

Same harassing attitude a lot of libs have, actually.

And his constituents will vote him back in the next time he runs.

I can only hope one day he sees the irony.

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He wants their home addresses.

As a lawmaker, he’s out of line. However, I have no issue with private citizens turning the christian culture war back upon those that are trying to force 2000 year old fairy tales upon American citizens that are simply seeking healthcare. Find out who they are and make their lives hell, just as they are doing to those seeking medical attention.

So all Christians deserve that treatment?

Most certainly not. I know a great many Christians that I respect deeply. However, they’re not out there trying to make people’s lives hell and using 2000 year old fairy tales to justify it.

“I’m pro-choice but this is unacceptable from a congressional representative. You should apologize,” one man wrote.

“I’m very pro-choice, and watching this sucked, You’re literally bullying her,” another wrote.

It’s not the only time Sims has confronted peaceful protesters in front of the same clinic either.

In a video uploaded less than a month ago, Sims asked viewers to identify four teenagers, offered up payment and even demanded to know where a man lived.

He sounds like quite the guy.

Are only Christians against abortion?

who knows why he wanted their home addresses. Maybe he wanted to send them thank you cards.

its an American right to protest. goes both ways.


So this is what we can expect from democrats? Ok.

It’s ok for our elected officials to offer bounties? Lol. That’s awesome.

Not just democrats are pro-choice. its a bi partisan idea.


We can expect democrats to act like this routinely now. You’re ok with it?

But its okay to pay hush money to porn stars to cover up misdeeds before an election.


Never said that’s ok. I’m asking about this. Thanks for the non-answer answer.

I am okay for an American’s right to protest.


I love how you won’t comment on the actions of the lawmaker. I guess you like harassing people you don’t agree with.

This lawmaker is abusing his elected office and this needs addressed by the state house.

If he wanted to be on equal footing he would not record and post the confrontation.

Absolute abuse of office.


Technically its not against the law is it?


LOL. and trump pardoning murderers isnt