PA 2022 Senate Race

Looks like Fetterman stubbed his toe already. Did not show up so the press reminds voters of his little gun pointed at Black jogger incident.

“You can’t win Pennsylvania as a Democrat without significant turnout from Black people in Pennsylvania,” Tyler said, “and we deserve to hear from him and he’s gotta explain that to us.”

Mr. Fetterman has said he heard gunfire near his Braddock home in 2013 and pursued a man wearing a mask who he believed was involved. Mr. Fetterman chased him in his truck and then approached the man with a shotgun. He turned out to be an unarmed Black jogger. Mr. Fetterman said he didn’t know the man’s race and never pointed the shotgun at him, and he posted a lengthy explanation last year.

The jogger has said the gun was pointed at him, and also that he doesn’t think the incident should define Mr. Fetterman.

What I find even more amazing is that Conner Lamb was also a no show and not even mentioned.

Would have been awesome if Carla Sands or Doc Oz had been there.

Appears like it was more of a political ad for Kenyatta…

Mr. Fetterman’s primary opponents saw the church forum as significant enough to prompt a rare volley of direct criticism. State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta, D-Philadelphia, said it’s time for Mr. Fetterman “to leave the candidate protection program.” Montgomery County Commissioner Val Arkoosh questioned how Mr. Fetterman would face Republicans in Washington if he won’t “stand before voters in the largest Black church in Philadelphia and answer their questions.”

The organizers KNEW Fetterman had to be at the State Capitol when they scheduled this.

Let the race for the PA senate seat begin!

I believe Dr. Oz would serve Pa. well.

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Oz concerns me. I am distrustful of his R credential. I am concerned he could be a RINO at the Romney or Collins level.

Carla Sands is who I am behind 100%. She was first in line with ads and has been hitting the border heavy and Biden economy heavy. She also does not shy away from Trump policy and association.

I know OZ was on a Trump health panel, but I have heard nothing from him on Trump or the onesix over zealous prosecutions.

I don’t see him associating himself as a Trump R. I also have never seen anything that would indicate he was a Romney Rino. Everything I’ve seen implies he’s a conservative person, practicing conservative principles for decades and has decided to apply his knowledge and everything thing else he brings to the table for the good of Pa. and it’s citizens. There doesn’t appear to be any drama in his political portfolio and I like that.

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I’m not familiar with her but you’re a good judge of character. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open regarding her. Thanks for the tip.

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Here you are…

She is also quite attractive. She has a matronly and engaging personality.

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He absolutely is.

He’s a product of media, not principles. His “R” is just a letter.

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Some updates on the race.

Lamb is inching ahead of Fetterman…No endorsements for either party.

On the R side looks like Oz is not gaining any traction and McCormick is getting hot. Carla Sands is still my pick and having to spend her own funds to hang in there.

Camp Hill? Where the prison is?

If Dr. Oz gets nominated it’s already over. A carpet bagger from Cleveland against John Fetterman? The dude who graduated Harvard and came back to be mayor of one of the worst parts of Pittsburgh where he grew up?

OZ doesn’t have a chance. He is throwing his money away.

What do they say? It’s only money.

This AD is hilarious and well done.

I blame Oprah.


It’s kind of crazy how deeply this man misread Pennsylvania politics. He doesn’t have a prayer. Fetterman would just windmill dunk on him for six months.

It’s kind of impressive the number of absolute monsters Oprah has unleashed on society.


Fetterman is going to have an epic battle with Lamb.

This race will be interesting all across the board.

Plus…Carla Sands is as cute as can be. Savvy woman also.

McCormick is learning quick where OZ just isn’t.


OZ leading in scant polls? I am dubious still worth reporting.

His rivals boast about endorsements while Dr. Oz generated coverage by challenging Dr. Anthony Fauci to a televised debate.

“Doctor to doctor,” he said.

And while rivals committed to candidate forums, he skipped them. Dr. Oz instead found time for bigger stages: getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and speaking at this week’s Conservative Political Action Conference in Florida.

By all accounts, Dr. Oz is leading polls, although public polling is scant and the rest is internal campaign polling.

He is also wealthy.

Exactly how wealthy is not clear, since he requested an extension to file a financial disclosure statement to the Senate.

But Dr. Oz, 61, told Sunday’s audience that he put $10 million of his own money into a race that features a multi-million-dollar TV smackdown between him, former hedge fund CEO David McCormick and a McCormick-aligned super PAC that is fueled by Wall Street cash.

On the Dem side the lack of a woke front runner is upsetting to some.

Mr. Kenyatta has raised much less campaign cash than Mr. Fetterman and Mr. Lamb. Minimal polling so far suggests he’s narrowly behind or tied with Mr. Lamb — but both trail Mr. Fetterman by double digits. He’s less well known than Mr. Fetterman, who has run two statewide races, and arguably Mr. Lamb, whose 2018 special election win got national attention.

Another challenge is a potential disconnect between some Democrats’ enthusiasm for him and their assumptions about who can win in November — his so-called electability. Pennsylvania is older and whiter than most states, but its electorate has become younger and more diverse over the last decade.

Pennsylvania has never had a senator or governor who is Black or a woman. In more than a dozen interviews with Kenyatta supporters and neutral observers, there was an undercurrent of frustration that the party could nominate two straight white men for Senate and governor.

Sands and oz are both carpetbaggers.


FYI…Not Senate. Still of interest to Pennsylvania.

Yep. Democrats got a map even better than they were hoping for. Slam dunk they’ll gain several seats.

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