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A - Table of Contents - 2016 Presidential Election
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J - Alaska 2016-2012 Results

Data Compiled From
Dave Leip’s Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections - County Data

Summary in 3 groups of States

A - Romney 24 States
In order of Trump percent margin win

B - 12 Up For Grabs States
In order of Trump percent margin win - loss

C - Clinton 14 Lock States, DC
In order of Trump percent margin loss

States won
A - Trump 24 Clinton 0
B - Trump 6 Maine CD 2 Clinton 6 Maine CD 1
C - Trump 0 Clinton 14 DC

Electoral College - Total 538
A - Trump 206 Clinton 0
B - Trump 100 Clinton 45
C - Trump 0 Clinton 187
Note :
Electoral College took 2 away from Trump and 5 away from Clinton

Counties - Total 3152
A - 1925
B - 803
C - 424

Counties won
Trump 2649
Clinton 503

Counties won
A - Trump 1718 Clinton 207
B - Trump 665 Clinton 138
C - Trump 266 Clinton 158

Counties won over 100,000 votes cast
Counties total = 292
Trump 110
Clinton 182
A - Trump 43 Clinton 40
B - Trump 48 Clinton 55
C - Trump 19 Clinton 87

Counties flipped in favor of candidate
Counties total = 236
Trump 219
Clinton 17
A - Trump 48 Clinton 11
B - Trump 125 Clinton 2
C - Trump 46 Clinton 4

Counties Trump more votes than Romney = 2551
A - 1545 wins 1471 lost 74
B - 698 wins 629 lost 69
C - 308 wins 235 lost 73

Counties Trump less votes or tie than Romney = 601
A - 380 wins 247 lost 133
B - 105 wins 36 lost 69
C - 116 wins 31 lost 85

Counties Clinton more votes than Obama = 418
A - 225 wins 61 lost 164
B - 92 wins 53 lost 39
C - 101 wins 80 lost 21

Counties Clinton less votes or tie than Obama = 2734
A - 1700 wins 146 lost 1554
B - 711 wins 85 lost 626
C - 323 wins 78 lost 245

Post election comments Data Sheet P - part 1

Trump and Trump’s campaign dictated which States would be Battleground States.
The 12 States are Group B of Data Sheet P.

Clinton and the media tried to dictate which States were Battleground States, insisting on North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, Utah, and Missouri.
A bizarre strategy from the Left.

Clinton made zero headway in Missouri for starters.
Trump won North Carolina with more votes and higher percent margin than Romney. Clinton was never going to win Utah despite McMullin taking votes away from Trump in 28 of the 29 Counties.

For Georgia, Texas, and Arizona. even with what I believe was massive voter registration and voting by illegal aliens and non citizens for Clinton, these Red States were never in play of turning Blue.

While Clinton was playing that bizarre strategy, on a course she could never win, Trump was going for the 12 true Battleground States…

The results are clear as day.

Clinton failed to surpass Obama’s vote totals in 86.74 percent of the Nation’s 3152 counties, independent cities, and Alaska voting districts.

Trump on the other hand failed to surpass Romney’s vote totals in only 19.07 percent of the nation’s 3152 counties, independent cities, and Alaska voting districts.

If the people of the United States wanted Hillary Clinton, open borders, Obamacare, high taxes, socialism, weak military, and a weak Nation, the results described above would have been reversed.

Congress, the media, and the American people need to realize the significance of the election results.

Post election comments Data Sheet P - part 2

Data Sheet P illustrates America’s rejection of Clinton and acceptance of Trump.
This occurred all over the Nation, in Red States, in Battleground States, and in Blue States.

The election results in the counties across America need to be taken into account by lawmakers on the issues of the wall, immigration, safety, healthcare, corporate taxes, income taxes, military, veterans, infrastructure, education, energy, and trade.

Data Sheet P is not designed to explain how Trump won the election on election night.

To explain how trump won the election on election night, results in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin need to be examined.

Everything else being the same if Clinton wins these 3 States she is President, winning the electoral college 278-260.

My opinion is Sanders voters sabotaged Clinton in the General Election.

Sanders beat Clinton in Wisconsin and Michigan in the primaries, and only lost by 1 point in Pennsylvania

I believe a decent number of Sanders voters never forgave Clinton for rigging the primaries.

This has nothing to do with Russia or hacking of the DNC or Podesta. This is about Super Delegates.

Trump was talking almost everyday about the process being rigged for both party’s primaries and the General Election, from the start of the primaries to election day.

Sanders was also talking about the primary process being rigged against him.

Most all of this talk occurred before any Wikileaks came out.

More people than usual were paying attention to the primary campaigns in 2015 and 2016. This is evidenced by TV ratings for news shows and the debates, Sanders’ and Trump’s rally crowds, and voter turnout in the primaries.

The news was constantly reporting that Clinton had most all of the Super Delegates. This was being said before the primaries were taking place.

I believe as the primary season continued week after week, the public’s knowledge of the Super Delegates negatively affected the Sanders’ vote.

The Democrat Party put Super Delegates in place after the 1972 election, effectively taking “Democratic” out of the “Democratic Process”.

Trump put himself in position to win the election on election night by running a great campaign.

I believe the number 1 reason Trump won on election night was because large numbers of Sanders voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, refused to vote for Clinton.

Trump won Pennsylvania by 44,292 votes and there were 269,555 votes cast for someone other than Trump or Clinton, 4.37 percent of total State vote.

Trump won Michigan by 10,704 votes, and there were 276,160 votes cast for someone other than Trump or Clinton. 5.72 percent of total State vote.

Trump won Wisconsin by 22,748 votes, and there were 188,330 votes cast for someone other than Trump or Clinton, 6.32 percent of total State vote.

Massive 3rd party voting is what Clinton is crying over.

All those people that did not vote for Trump or Clinton, could have voted for Clinton had the dynamic of the long campaign season, over 500 days, been different.

It is important for Trump in 2020 to expand the campaign again to include as many States as possible. This will force the Democrat candidate to play defense all over the Nation.

Trump may not win Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, in 2020, but can win the Election with New Hampshire and Nevada, or Minnesota, or Virginia, or Colorado.


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