OxyContin creators being sued by state of Colorado

OxyContin is one of the most overly percribed drug in America and also one of the deadly, after hundreds of lawsuit finally a state is taking on big pharma.

Following hundreds of lawsuits over the years against pharmaceutical giant Purdue Pharma, Colorado’s attorney general is suing the OxyContin creator for its “significant role in causing the opioid epidemic”.

The lawsuit claims Purdue Pharma LP and Purdue Pharma Inc deluded doctors and patients in Colorado about the potential for addiction with prescription opioids and continued to push the drugs. And it comes amid news that the company’s former chairman and president, Richard Sackler, has patented a new drug to help wean addicts from opioids.

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I wonder if this lawsuit will be expanded to all of the doctors in Colorado who over prescribed this drug?


Well that seems fair.

And logical.

Frivolous lawsuits alive and well.

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Everyone knows oxycontin is addictive.

The companies that pushed pain killers and started an epidemic should be punished.



Those who push Nikes and create a fanatical “market” willing to kill for them should be punished.

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They pushed them?!

A doctor must prescribe them & now candy ass state governors have placed restrictions on how much can be prescribed at a time.

Who here wants to go through the pain of something like a tendon graft, or more severe orthopedic pain without effective pain management?! Maybe that doctor thought his patient could be a grown up & read, confining the medication to its prescribed dose & actual purpose.

Silly doctor! And silly state of Colorado going forth with this suit.

■■■■ this blaming “big pharma” over irresponsible users. Even N A doesn’t do that. ■■■■ this ■■■■!


Most likely the state of Colorado has limits on how much can be prescribed. Why is it users are never held accountable for misuse of these meds?

■■■■ drug addicts. I don’t care if they laugh or cry, live or die. I just feel sorry for those they take down with them.

How about holding contact lens companies liable for the misuse of their products when users end up in emergency rooms? How dare they prescribe & dispense a product that some won’t take out in a reasonable amount of time, or properly disinfect, or handwash before handing?!

We should sue companies like Alcon to cover their care in the E R & any permanent complications.

Now doesn’t that even sound stupid?! It’s doubly stupid to be crucifying “big pharma”, without whom drugs that help people function & save their lives probably wouldn’t be here.

“Finally a state is taking on big pharma”

Because no one ever needs anything from penicillin to anti seizure drugs made possible by “big pharma”.

I’m looking for another thread before I get even nastier.

When I try to look at this objectively, why would a doctor continue prescribing this narcotic? They are the professional…so why? Are the users getting this off of the street? How are they getting these drugs? Is access both from legal and illegal means? I need to understand this problem and I realize I don’t know the whole story.


People have pain that can’t otherwise be relieved so pain pills get prescribed. People become used to doses and then doses escalate.

Many patients may be diverting their prescription, sellling them on the street. Others have them sold. There are plenty of illegal sources of pills, from pharmacies selling on the side or being imported from overseas, often just straight up mailing them.

Some doctors are not as conscientious as others. If individual physicians are part of the problem—especially with all the pain management tests that are available to monitor—then they should be held accountable.

And I definitely don’t think abusers should be let off the hook. I feel worse for those with chronically painful conditions who can’t get access to effective pain management because of them.

I hope they have actual facts, as it’s also helped millions. Not me, any derivative of opium, just cloggs me up. Ibuprofen and beer works fine for most stuff… I wonder if they can sue the Sumerians for inventing beer

Purdue Pharma knew that OxyContin was being abused in the early 2000’s and continued to market it as “less addictive”

They knew that they were profiting off of the drug being sold into the black market and did nothing to curtail that.

That is what we used to call “Bad”

Purdue also hid evidence that it knew of “pill-mills”

”Makers of the opioid OxyContin promised to report pill mills to law enforcement in Tennessee but instead hid evidence and pushed providers to dole out more pills at higher doses for longer periods, even providing “savings coupons” to cash-paying addicts, court records show.”

People need to go to jail over this. I mean company heads.

But they won’t.

They will remain fabulously wealthy profiting off of human misery.

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If this gets proven in court, the death penalty is appropriate.

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This is also where national media could pick up some support by exposing this, instead of the Mueller leaks.

The national media has been exposing it.

Has been for years.