Overlooked group of vaccine refuseniks

Among the different education levels, people with a PhD have the highest rate of COVID vaccine hesitancy based on data from a new paper. According the survey, 23.9% of PhDs were not willing to take the vaccines. People with master’s degrees have the lowest refusal rate at 8.3%.

Why would the people with the highest education level be the most likely to refuse the vaccinations?

Should universities and other employers of PhDs impose vaccine mandates to make sure that such independent thinking is purged from the country?

Education Level____sample size/ %____%hesitant


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This ought to be an interesting discussion.



Sample size.

10,969 PhDs were in the survey. They were 2.1% of the total participants.


i know one things for sure

with useless masks mandates being imposed on vaxed, that guarantees even less will bother with the next rounds of vax’s.

which is why they will become mandatory

Facebook survey.

Social media is a valid form of communication.

No, 10,969 people answered a Facebook survey and said they had PhDs.

As valid as any other. You disagree?

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Just like if they were asked using any other method.


Unreliable. Anyone could say they have a PhD

Here is the link: Home - Facebook Data for Good (fb.com)

How is it any less reliable than any other means of polling?

Sure, although I’d say that a Facebook survey is inherently less reliable, and more likely to be answered in bad faith than many other forms of polling.


Because everyone lies on the internet, particularly to ads on their Facebook feeds.

Because it’s Facebook. The participants aren’t solicited, they self-select.

And they don’t over the phone?

How else are polls done now days?


They placed an ad on the feeds of 66 million Facebook users. About half a million answered the questions about polls.

So what?