Over a 1000 New Democrat voters departed Honduras new caravan


how about you take the money I think its 50 billion plus 6 billion a year to build the wall and hire more border agents.


agreed but you don’t seem to understand how stupid a wall is unless you have the staff to guard it.


It takes the average person less then 15 mins to by pass the current border wall.


Is 50 + billion and 6 + billion a year worth 15 mins?


baaaaaa, baaaaaaaa


You said there was no crisis at the border yet pretty much every previous democratic president has said there is. Obama wanted a 7 billion dollar (Nancy Pelosi Immoral) fence along the border which is a border structure.

Now all of a sudden you guys do a 180 on border security and become the party of open borders (Abolish Ice) all within a 4 year period and expect that’s always been your position it’s juet not the case. You guys have moved so far to the left on immigration Obama would be considered a right wing extremist.


Gonna be a little tougher now that border agents haven’t been paid for 26 days… Don’t know about you but it would be tough for me to move my family to the southern border for a job that offers no pay.


And actually deport illegals when they’re discovered, not give them a complete pass in sanctuary cities.


Good thing that’s not happening.


Yeah, all those illegals have nothing to fear in sanctuary cities. Or mayors like the one in Oakland will tip them off if ICE is doing anything.


Right…what happened to the last caravan right before the election?


I don’t thing so.


Despite the recklessness of the mayors comments, ICE was still able to consider their operation a success…


So that’s make it ok. Good to know.


That’s ok, you don’t need to think. It happened and was lauded by liberals here.


So you agree that the existing system to stop the caravans is effective. Cool.


What exactly would propose to prevent a mayor from doing something stupid like Libby Schaaf did?


Cut them out of the loop completely. They don’t want to cooperate, fine. They don’t need to know anything about ICE’s operations at all.


Hell, they’re perfectly fine shielding criminals from law enforcement. I say ■■■■ her and people like her.


Sounds reasonable…