Over a 1000 New Democrat voters departed Honduras new caravan

The ports of entry are in the area where the wall exists, so they went to an area with a wall.

I would use a funny emoticon at this point, but they are kind of lame, really.

Not as lame as the argument that we need a wall to stop caravans that are already being stopped.


Thank you for demonstrating why building additional barriers provide diminishing returns. The caravans are using points of entry as their destinations

So a 2000 mile wall across the southern border is going to accomplish what again? :laughing:

Shakira is driving a Dodge Caravan to vacation in San Diego?

My statement was not designating caravans only. If a wall works to stop caravans, it should work for non caravans as well. Illegal immigration is not limited to caravans.
Had there been no walls at those ports of entry, drones would not have stopped them.

Not only is a wall a stupid idea…there is no crisis

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Just think how much better they’ll be stopped if we spend 20 billion on a wall where nobody is crossing

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Yeah only that…

There has been a crisis for a couple of decades, just nothing has done anything about it.

Why is it that the further one lives from the border the more negatively they (tend to) feel about what’s happening at it?

In your mind maybe, in the real world illegal immigration is at its lowest point in a long time.

As you’ve demonstrated, we already have barriers in the strategic locations where we need them. Spending billions to build unneeded barriers and billions more to maintain them is foolish.

503 service not available is what I get, so no comment.

If nothing has been done then why is the situation getting better?

From the article referenced by Guntsu earlier.

“But the Mexican border remains a pathway for entry by growing numbers of unauthorized immigrants from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Because of them, Central America was the only birth region accounting for more U.S. unauthorized immigrants in 2016 than in 2007.”

I feel like this thread is a trailer for season two of “The Caravan”.

I can’t wait.


It says that undocumented immigrants are at an alltime low and that last year just under 2/3 of the country’s undocumented immigrants came from visa overstays not border crossings.

The [report]released Wednesday by the Center for Migration Studies of New York finds that from 2016-2017, visa overstayers accounted for 62 percent of the newly undocumented, while 38 percent had crossed a border illegally.

And yet “U.S. Unauthorized Immigrant Total Dips to Lowest Level in a Decade”

Oh Trump has been working overtime pumping up “The Caravan 2”

All of the evidence points to the “wall” being a stupid idea…at this point it’s pure ego and irrational fears.