Over a 1000 New Democrat voters departed Honduras new caravan

The new caravan is estimated to grow to at least 2-3k as New Democratic voters from Hunduras head to the United States.

Now that’s what I’m talking about.

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What’s wrong with their own country?? I heard from dimocrats that nothing is wrong.

Coo. The more the merrier.

No you didn’t


At least they’ll be here to be counted in the new census.

That’s the plan

We don’t need a wall. We can stop them with new technological advances. A drone should stop them.

Did the last caravan come across unchecked or was it stopped? How about the one before that and the one before that?

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How many people from the last caravan “crisis” got in?


Yeah. trump allegedly said ■■■■■■■■■ countries” and the dimocrats lost their minds, crying and setting themselves on fire in protest of how wonderful those countries are.

Why not stay in the wonderful countries??

Too many!!!

That’s not even close to what happened. Yes Trump was justly criticized for his comments but nobody was (or is) making the argument that Honduras is a wonderful country.

Fortunately, many headed for the areas that have a fence believing they can get in under claims of amnesty. Of those who tried other areas, who knows?
Those millions in sanctuary cities came from somewhere, and only about half are visa overstays.

Because it’s super hard to track a group of thousands of people whose every move is being broadcast in international news reports

You’re right. A drone would be useless. A wall, however, is essential.
You win.

They got blocked because they went to an area with a wall? :rofl:

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So that’s zero that you’re aware of.

The vast majority of undocumented people in cities flew there and overstayed their visas. How tall do you think this wall is going to be?

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Every caravan has approached the country in areas where the wall already exists. Adding additional barriers in the places where they aren’t crossing makes zero sense

Go to love the logic they’re using

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