Outgoing kentucky governor bevin pardons murderer who only served 2 years

guy was convicted of reckless homicide, first-degree robbery, impersonating a peace officer and tampering with physical evidence

at his sentencing the judge said I’ve never seen a more compelling or complete case … the evidence was just overwhelming
the judge gave him 19 years saying "It’s 19 years because that’s all I can give you…if I could give you more, I would.”

the convicted killers family helped raise over 20k to help pay off governor bevins campaign debt.

the governor pardoned him after he served only 2 years.

his 2 codefendents who didnt raise any money didnt receive pardons
since election day bevin has pardoned over 400 people including a child rapist who only served a year of a 23 year sentence


But it was nice of that family to donate all that cash to Bevins campaign debt.

Part of me says there should be some recourse to ■■■■ like this. This is obviously payback for a generous donation. This guy should be in jail, no ifs, ands, or buts. There should be a mechanism where someone can say Hell No to a ridiculous pardon like this.

That isn’t good.

The epitome of political favor. Not even eligible for parole for another 8 years.

This guy likely will be back on drugs and in the system again. He only learned that there are exceptions to every rule.

I have a better understanding as to why Bevin lost.


The optics of this are horrific but just like with Presidential pardons it is part of the privilege of the executive at both state and federal level.

Pardons are like ambassadorships - given out by both sides to repay favors.

Hey, money is speech. The man had good council.

remember when trump tweeted this about him?

Governor Matt Bevin has done a wonderful job for the people of Kentucky! He continues to protect your very important Second Amendment. Matt is Strong on Crime and the Border, he Loves our Great Vets and Military. Matt has my Complete and Total Endorsement, and always has!



Always a tweet…

Right? How can you hold little things like murder against a guy who’s done so much good (for Bevin)?

Strong on crime.

Stronger on bribes.


In Trump’s defense he thought Bevin was a coffee boy.

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A number of years back an outgoing Governor of Illinois commuted the death sentence of everyone on death row. No legislative change had been made.
Pardons and commutations should have about a months limbo before going into effect so that their is a process to reverse the most egregious of those.
What if a governor is just ticked at his state for not reelecting him and decides to pardon everybody in the system?

I am going to step around the partisan back and forth on this issue.

Yes, members of both parties have handed out ****** up pardons and commutations.

Many States have taken that power away from the Governor and handed to a larger body, such as the Governor and Cabinet or a special commission.

ALL States should do so.

The United States should do so as well, but that is impossible without a constitutional amendment.


But can you prove any quid pro quo, hmm?

I wonder why Bill Clinton pardoned Marc Rich? Very similar circumstances. I’m sure I can find your posts denouncing the Rich pardon and demanding something be done about it.

this place wasnt around back then…

i agree.
at the least a commision should have to sign off on it before the governor acts

I understand what you’re saying, but it’s not the best comparison. Commuting a death sentence leaves the criminal in prison. Pardoning releases him. Commuting a death sentence isnt the governor saying he should be free and then making it so.

Abuse of Power. Get 'im outta he’e!