Our President....Likes to "Joke"

I disagree He could have Reagan’s speech writers… People like Peggy Noonan or Peter Robinson, and it would not help him. He gave Reagan and the world the Tear Down this wall speech…and he spoke them like they were his. Trump can’t bear to have anyone write his words for him…I believe it is because he can’t imagine anyone giving him biglier or more bestest words than himself.

He might have said Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall, but then he would have vamped for 20 minutes about he would have built a wall that was bigger and better and lasted for 2000 years…and if the world wants him to he will build a new wall for Gorbachev and Mexico will pay for it.

I know…All hyperbole and rhetoric aside. I don’t think it’s the speechwriter…It is the speech giver that is is the issue.

True that.

I guess he would first need to be aware he has short comings.

I want the country to do well, if he can too, great!
In that order.

On Saturday Trump pulled out the oldies from 2016. Mixed in some new stuff. Spent way too much time putting more attention of West Point. And didn’t have one thing to say about any policy. He had no vision for the next four years but rather patted himself on the back over and over for the last four.
He has gotten better at reading a teleprompter. But it is funny to watch him read words that he is seeing for the first time.

“■■■■ holster for putin” is the left’s kind of funny

Basically the heart of the reason that I stuck my finger down my throat and voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Trump’s flaws are not learned, they are not voluntary.

Trump’s flaws are pathological.

He is a pathological narcissist and a pathological sociopath. He is incapable of acknowledging error. He has no concept of good or evil. His whim of the moment is his good. Anything opposed to that whim is his evil.

No ordinary politician would even begin to think posting such a video could possibly be appropriate. Even Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms would have had that little voice of conscience in the back of their heads that says, “this is wrong, don’t do it.”

Trump’s condition is pathological. To him, this is not an evil, as he is pathologically incapable of acknowledging any act of his as evil. It is merely a “joke” to him.

Trump cannot change, he cannot redeem himself. He suffers from a mental illness that makes that impossible.

Clinton was far from a saint. Biden is clearly not a saint. Both have significant flaws and I disagree with much of their policy.

I disagree with a significant minority of Trump’s policy.

But in considering who to vote for in the presidential election, I must divorce “Trump the individual” from Trump’s policies. If it was just Trump’s policies versus Clinton’s or Biden’s policies, I would clearly vote for Trump.

But I recognize “Trump the individual” as the mentally ill individual he is.

In my mind, his flaws outweigh the benefits of the portion of his policies I support.

I clearly find the situation of a President Biden and a Democratic Congress undesirable. But I find Trump’s flaws, demonstrated repeatedly for all to see, to be more undesirable.

And Republicans can make a comeback starting in 2022.


On another note, Trump just put his foot in his mouth in a big way, about talks with Maduro. He tried to walk it back, but the damage in south Florida is already done.

He sure did.

Not outraged just think Trump js a despicable human being for joking around about a virus that has killed 120,000 people.

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The Democrats have arrived?

Straight up racist that sucker is simple and plain, ■■■■ him and John Wayne.
I’m ready and hyped plus I’m amped, most of my heroes don’t appear on no stamps.

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Fox and most of right wing talk radio have been faking outrage for the last 20 to 30 years and people still listen

Bingo! I’ve got better things to do with my time than to hang on every word Trump utters or tweets. You’ve got to wonder about those who are obsessed with everything Trump. :roll_eyes:

Fight the Power!

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Lemme hear you say!

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Trump supporters had all the time to obsess over Obama. Tan suits, mustard, cycle helmet etc.

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As with Trump, I never had time for anything related to Obama. Within that context I have no idea what you are talking about. I actually have a life and it doesn’t revolve around the drama taking place in our nations capital.

Isn’t that nice… to just ignore the things he says that his supporters don’t like. Cool stuff.

And don’t forget. Joking about a deadly pandemic.


This is a good strategy. Look away.

A Jew, a Priest and a pandemic walk into a bar…