Our president is privy to intelligence about Russia. Why does he trust Putin? Why is he friends with Putin?

Part of his job is to protect Americans and this country from foreign entities. His friendship with the leader of a country, that did what Mueller explained in his report, goes against what he is tasked to do.

Our president treats Cuba worse then a country that did what Mueller explained. That’s not being the President of the United States. That’s being the President of Donald Trump.

I think we’re gonna find that Donald Trump has many outstanding loans to Russian entities which ties his hands. Let’s hope the democrats dig deep and perform comprehensive oversight.

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The Mueller Report laid out that Russia hostilely tried to influence our elections. The Trump team was open to it. Trump likes people who help him.

Damn…applying the OP’s question to the reality of life…why are we friends with China?

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Mommy, hillary lost…and trump was supposed to resign by now, and nancy won’t impeach him, and now he’s gonna run again.



Nancy is gonna string this thing out until they thoroughly investigate Trump’s finances and find out who he owes money to.

But since you went childish early, check this out…


Should start calling them the Baltimore Browns. That’s how :poop: they are.

If only there was a mechanism in place for impeachment, and a person in charge of deciding whether or not to use that option.

What would you call that option and the person??

newt, maybe?

They need to be flushed twice.


The “please impeach now” people are scared to death of the investigations and oversight. They want the democrats to rush and make a mistake. That’s all that is.

It’s much like a mafia lawyer wanting their client tried before they find out that one of his businesses is laundering money.

Hillary got “help” from the Russians to make the dossier that the entire illegitimate Mueller’s investigation is based on and don’t forget Hillary helped get Russia get 20% of America’s nuke grade uranium and these are facts not just innuendo and implication as is every accusation hurled at President Trump!

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An even better question is why did the last occupant want to be putin’s flexible kenyan puppet??

And never said a word about russia “stealing our election”??

What a loser that guy is.

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NONE of THIS post IS true!


Really? So you’re saying that vyacheslav trubnikov and vladisov surkov weren’t christopher steele’s sources for the dossier??

Weird position to take. What’s the basis of your opinion?

Putin has said very very strongly that he is a good guy, and Donald believes him.

What you need is hillary’s “reset” button to get putin’s flexible kenyan puppet back in office.


Who said he trusted Putin?

No! Obama is not going to come back again to fix republican problems. You own this one all by yourself

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obama couldn’t solve any problems even if he had a billion teleprompters.

Donald said he believed Putin when Putin very very strongly denied interfering in our elections. Donald is a stable genius who loves America and has no reason to lie.

Go Trump Go :ru::us::north_korea:

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Woot - Toronto isn’t completely in the basement lol