Our POTUS doesn't know the words to God Bless America? Really?

Can somebody please take the POTUS aside and go over the basics that all native-born Americans know from childhood? Thank you.

Yeah but he knows all the words to the Big Mac song, so there’s that.


Haha, you’d think he prepare some. But nope, too hard.

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“Forget” presumes he knew knew them in the first place. I’m putting that in the “Highly Doubtful” column.

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Two all beef patties…

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It would be classified as “unbelievable” if it were anybody but the dimmest bulb to hold the office.


Normally I’d give this a pass cause God Bless America is an awful song. But if dude is gonna define what it means to be patriotic and then turn around and ■■■■ up the words to this song? Hell yeah I’m gonna give him ■■■■.


Corpsman !


hell to the yeah on this. trumpFAIL bigly today.


I used to know the lyrics. It was required in my childhood Leftwing public school propagandist education curriculum.

But I must admit I would be hard pressed to do a solo of the song on this day.

Of course I am not the President of the United States of America trying to make some huge point with the playing and singing of that song at a Politically staged White House Lawn “patriotic” event.

If I were, by GOD, I would have brushed up on singing that mother until I could render it in my sleep and not gone out there to look like some doddering old fool.

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Nobody told him that song would be playing. He had spent 3 weeks memorizing the National Anthem and they sprung this one on him.

Not fair!



It probably took him 3 weeks to memorize to put his hand over his heart and face the Flag when the National Anthem plays.

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God bless affairs and golf
Stuff that I love
Laid beside her
And I bribed her
I can fit five of my hands into this gloooove


I don’t know the lyrics either, but oddly enough, my parents do. They’re immigrants and it was part of their citizenship test, along with many other intricate details about US history and how our government works.

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Like the wizard of smart Obama who couldn’t read from a teleprompter and pronounce the word “corpsman” correctly……….THREE TIMES! :open_mouth:

I’m pretty sure there has been dimmer bulbs to hold the office. :roll_eyes:

I don’t know the words to God Bless America. Maybe someone should take you aside. :roll_eyes:

Has my vote for most pathetic liberal thread of the month. Seriously, you people need to get a life.

Even more appropriate, “God Bless America” was written by a Russian immigrant. (Irving Berlin) Collusion confirmed. :yum:


…special sauce…