Our Jokester-In-Chief Laughs at Suggestion of Violence Against Illegal Immigrants

Our President, Donald J. Trump, was at (yet) another rally in Florida yesterday.

When he asked the crowd “What do we do about illegal immigration?”, someone yelled “Shoot them!”, to which Trump and the crowd laughed and cheered. Trump then said “Only in the Panhandle can you say that.”

Here is where we are folks. Trump supporters wanted to shoot illegal immigrants. Instead of the President correcting the deranged lunatic, Trump encouraged him.

Would you be surprised now if some yahoo takes matters into his own hands? Trump is a bad person.

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In his defense, he doesn’t consider them people.

Also, he’s an idiot.


Only in the panhandle…

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All leading to a 5th Ave moment.

Got to love a president that essentially signals with his behavior that violence is a perfectly acceptable way for grown adults to handle things that they take issue with.

I would really like to hear from our hardcore Trump supporters and explain how this is in any way acceptable from the President (or any President) of the United States.

I have to give CNN some credit for actually not editing out the part where Trump says “We can’t let them (border patrol) use weapons. I would never allow that”. It sort of undermined their theme, but at least they made it available.

Meh, they don’t care. They just care about owning Libs.

Country be damned, none of that matters.

Very presidential of him. Trump will never correct his followers. He basks in their adoration. It’s what keeps him going.

But why laugh at it? It isn’t funny. It should be squashed immediately.

How is it acceptable to be said by any human?

Why is he at another rally?

He promised better health care and wiping out the national debt.

He laughed at the comment therefore he thought it was funny. This guy is the president of the united states. We should expect better from him.

If Trump supporters cannot say he was wrong on this then I have to assume that many of them actually agree with the comment about shooting them.

Giggles was just joking. :clown_face:

He is unfit for the office.


It’s like when trump joked that he’s not going to murder journalists but he does hate them.

Can a sitting president be personally sued whilst he is in office?

Of course he is. There just aren’t enough strong Republican men to stand up to him.

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Other countries shoot invaders. We can’t do that, of course. That’s why we need a wall. If there’s a wall people can’t get over a wall. They will turn around and go home if there is a wall. Without a wall what are we supposed to do? Some people have suggested landmines. I’m not sure. All options have to be considered. That’s all I’m saying. Either you have a wall or you do something else. What is it going to be? I don’t know.