Otto Warmbier's family files claim for seized North Korean cargo ship

They tortured and left their son (an American) brain dead, sued in US court, won and now are gonna chase North Korean assets wherever they can find them.

Must suck to watch that murderous dictator on TV.


Hey now - be nice to Kim. He and our president fell in love

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Yeah, it’s weird how republicans cover for that guy.


20 somethings often just randomly end up blind, deaf, and dying.

More often than they are tortured.


Yeah, it’s pretty clear he fell and hurt himself. I’m sure the North Koreans did all they could to help him.

“Earlier in the hearing, Hatch said the North Koreans also likely used pliers to rearrange Warmbier’s once-straight teeth and that a scar on his foot was consistent with the practice of placing electrodes in prisoners’ bodies and administering repeated electric shocks.”

"US doctors had previously described him as being in a state of “unresponsive wakefulness”, but the Warmbiers said calling this a coma was “unfair”.

Mr Warmbier said when they saw his son he was “moving around, and jerking violently, making these howling and inhuman sounds”.

His head was shaved, he was blind and deaf, his arms and legs were “totally deformed” and he had a huge scar on his foot, he said. It “looked like someone had taken a pair of pliers and rearranged his bottom teeth”."

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His US doctors said “No evidence of torture.”

Did they say how his teeth got rearranged?

North Korea has blamed botulism and ingestion of a sleeping pill for Warmbier’s condition. The coroner who examined Warmbier said he found no sign of botulism, adding there was no evidence of trauma to Warmbier’s teeth or of broken bones.

I don’t understand why Liberals give North Korea so much hate. Are you upset just because Donald Trump has been able to develop a working relationship with their Leader? Once upon a time Liberals felt that having good relationships with foreign countries was a good thing. Do they want nuclear war with North Korea? Kim is going to be angry about us seizing his countries cargo ship. This is how wars start. Until there is actual evidence of wrong doing by North Korea I think we need to give them the benefit of the doubt. Sure, their government does some nasty things, but so does ours. We need to just try to get along so that Donald Trump can make an amazing deal.

“I felt very comfortable that there wasn’t any evidence of trauma” to the teeth, she told reporters. There were only small scars on his body, including his foot. One of the scars could not be explained.

But she said his body and skin were in “excellent condition” for someone who had been bedridden for more than a year.

Interesting. Without torture, I wonder how they explained his new teeth arrangement and the scar on his foot? Also, dad said his arms and legs were “totally deformed.” Botulism sounds scary.

So the doctor says the parents are lying about the teeth. They do have a motive to lie, I suppose.

Our President said he was tortured.

Who are we supposed to believe?

You’re not supposed to take him seriously. He was clearly joking.

More evidence that he wasn’t tortured.


The torture wasn’t necessarily physical. When he was seen after his initial arrest, each time, his head hung lower and lower. What ever it was that happened, it wasn’t just…period and I hope his parents do get the ship in a neutral court of law.

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I have no idea. What I’m saying is there are conflicting accounts of the story.