Oscar Awards Ariana deBose


What is “queer”? I thought this was considered an unacceptable term for homosexuals & had been out of use for awhile. Now they want it back? :face_with_monocle:

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Hell with that little attention-seeker, didn’t Will Smith slap Chris Rock?? :rofl:


While I usually like Chris Rock’s material, considering this


It’s tacky.

Good for Will Smith.

Eh, it would’ve been a lot cooler if someone with self-respect was defending their wife. Will is a little late for that kind of thing. lol

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btw, regarding the OP, Ariana DeBose is a preparatory action and nothing more. Will Smith’s debacle may have taken some of the artificial thunder away.

Good job Will Smith.

Ordinarily I would condemn “slapping”, but given the laws these days…

This is what Cruz should have done to Trump.



Yea I don’t get anyone who sticks around after they find out their spouse or bf/gf cheated on them…One and done, no second chances.

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I don’t understand why the ceremony had to also be a roast. I think Smith should have kept his temper, but also why is it okay for Rock to make fun of her medical condition?

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Didn’t even know the Academy Awards were on.

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Actually, their marriage is an open marriage. So I’m not sure what “cheating” means in such a marriage.

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I didn’t find it tacky since Jada is open about her condition and wears it proudly (without the use of wigs), and is an inspiration to woman who suffer the same ailment and the GI Jane quip represented strength & respect.
It was not a great joke but hardly an insult and not only was Smiths behavior tacky but it was outrageous and Chris should sue! JMO

I also don’t see the problem with the joke. Both Jada and Will laughed at it too.

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But now we live in a culture of offense. First reaction to just about anything out there is, “Was that offensive?”

The joke I saw was “Why did Will use an open hand? Because paper beats Rock.”


The most ghetto Oscars in history for sure.

I wanna know exactly what Denzel said to Smith. Because I bet it was unintentionally hilarious.

Nah no need to sue. He open palmed him. Probably didn’t even hurt. It was a sign of disrespect and establishing dominance, not a method to harm him.

I’m sure Chris will get a million tons of material out of this.

“Man I ain’t going to the Oscars again. I felt safer at the BET awards.”

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I believe that came after.

And apparently, Jada is the toxic one in the marriage who essentially said Will Smith wasn’t man enough for her and is the reason she cheated…because he wasn’t “giving her enough”.

If this is true, since their marriage was the butt of many jokes last night, I could see this simmering inside of him…especially when he laughed at the GI Jane joke at first- then saw Jada wasn’t laughing.

If all this is true, the guy needs to get as far away from her as he can.

If you look closely, Will Smith, who outweighs Chris Rock by at least 30-40lbs, bounced off of him when he slapped him. :rofl:

I just watched it again and saw that. Damn Will. His pimp hand is weak. Needs to work on that.