O'Rourke tops poll

Tip of the iceberg.


Why? It would only perpetuate “my” garbage society. Let it burn!

And stop emboldening the enemy!

Republicans are known for shaping themselves based on opposites.

It won’t help them, I think the massive stink of Trump will tarnish the GOP for years to come.

You must be joking.

:rofl: that’s funny.

Some Republicans are mad that Boozin Brett sided with keeping funding for Planned Parenthood.

Imagine the trouble Squee and Donkey Doug would be in now if not for PP. :wink:

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His approval rating has dropped rather precipitously in many of the swing states he narrowly won two years ago.

Let’s look at Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio and the change from January of 2017 to today.

Pennsylvania - +10 net approval to -5
Michigan - + 7 to - 9
Wisconsin - +6 to -10
Ohio - +14 to 0

There is not a single state in which Trump is as popular now as he was on election day of 2016. Even in deeply red parts of the country like South Dakota and Wyoming there has been a loss of support overall. Not great for a guy who lost the popular vote by 3 million at what may amount to his best case scenario.

He is doing what Roberts tells him to. He doesn’t want the House starting impeachment proceedings on him. And as long as he’s a good little justice, they won’t.

He was a bad pick.

What’s his approval rating?

You might chuckle at that, but the more criminal activities are pointed towards Trump, the less that in 2020, Senators and House races are going to want to be associated with Trump. Toxic Donnie.

Maybe deep down his goal was to bring down the GOP. He was a NY elite liberal for years.

That’s a massive OUCH.

I’m sorry, I made a mistake. I won’t be responding anymore to those with Muellar avatars.

IS that the new narrative being pushed?

Roberts is telling him what to do?

You do realize (maybe not) that the House isn’t going to investigate Boozin Brett.

You think a DWI is worse than illegally paying off a pornstar, colluding with Russians, possible money laundering, etc…?

Absolutely. DWI kills.

4,000,000 Texas democratic party voters obviously were.

I bet you didnt understand the popularity of Barack Obama in 2008 either.

its a democratic Party thing not a republican party thing.




Do you feeeeel you understand the popularity of Trump in 2016?

Collective virtue signaling to your idols.