O'Rourke tops poll

Beto O’Rourke narrowly tops a recent poll of possible Democrat presidential contenders.
The poll was conducted by liberal group MoveOn.org.

"Mr O’Rourke came in first with 15.6 per cent of votes, followed by Mr Biden at 14.9 per cent and senator Bernie Sanders 13.1 per cent… The three men were followed by California senator Kamala Harris on 10 per cent support, and senator Elizabeth Warren with 6.4 per cent…"

I don’t understand O’Rourke’s popularity. I watched his losing campaign in Texas and wasn’t impressed.

I\m also linking to another article saying the radical left doesn’t like O’Rourke. They think he is a Clinton centrist stalking horse, sent to deny Bernie Sanders the nomination.

No no no. I was told repeatedly here that Hillary was what everyone wanted.

How is this possible?

:rofl: run him. Please.

This poll is of people from the radical left.

NBC said an early straw poll of members of the progressive group [MoveOn.org](https://www.independent.co.uk/topic/moveonorg)showed Mr O’Rourke had narrow passed the former vice president to come the number one choice for presidential candidate in two years.

Moveon.org is not the radical left. It is mainstream democratics.

Hillary and Beto….the dynamic Democrat duo.

He showed an ability to inspire voters while coming off as genuine. I think he would have a solid chance in the primaries and would likely do quite well against Trump.


while coming off as genuine.

My favorite part. I’m hardy har har hearting your post.

Cruela DeVille and Jeff Spicolli

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They supported Bernie over Hillary. Bernie is radical left.

Pray ardently for a Democratic ticket that includes Clinton and divides the party again. Assuming he doesn’t quit in a fit of pique or is frog-marched out in a jumpsuit of his favorite color, Tiny is going to need all the help he can get in 2020.

No he’s not. :rofl: He’s mainstream democratics.

What’s his approval rating?

What does a poll from a garbage society have to do with Tiny needing as much help as possible?

(Rasmussen has him at 48%. Bigly!)

One trade deal, one win away from reelection…

Then let us pray that deal comes, for the “idiot with NYC values” sake. :wink:

Surprised his DWI arrest hasn’t been mentioned yet. Even if Trump isn’t on the ballot in 2020, hard to see how Republicans could make that big of deal about it with a straight face.

If Trump is not on the 2020 ticket, Republicans will do a 180 and proclaim to be all about Christian values again. And they will use their faux “holier than thou” attitude to try and shame O’Rourke with his DWI arrest.

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Of course, but would that work in post-Trump world?

I will pray for no such thing. I want him impeached.