O'Rourke campaigning in Mexico with foreigners who were turned down for Asylum

Who is he trying to reach by campaigning in Mexico??

Meanwhile, fellow presidential candidate Julian Castro chided O’Rourke for not being willing to fully decriminalize crossing the US-Mexico border illegally.


They certainly have a lot of sympathy for illegals but none for unborn babies.

Go figure!


Let ‘em all in! We don’t need no stinkin’ checks.

Who was Obese Donald trying to reach by campaigning in North Korea, that is a better question.

Republicans and or Democrats who support our “war on terror” have no sympathy for unborn babies, born babies, children, young adults, adults, or old folks as well as undocumented aliens who have crossed our borders.

I get a kick out of those folks on the Right who are good with “acceptable collateral damage” i.e. murder of innocents but freak out when a woman exercises her reproductive rights.

Maybe Beto is down there trying to help collect the “big beautiful wall” check to pay for the wall that Obese Donald has been promising the American people since 2015? The wall he has been promising that Mexico would pay for.

Or perhaps Beto just figured the president is down with taking campaign assistance from foreign powers what harm would there be with him going to Mexico to press the flesh?

Over 60 million unborn babies have been killed since Roe. Nothing to sneeze at in spite of the left’s attempts to do so.

Hope Beto isn’t eating dirt or taking poop from his kid’s diaper and putting it into a bowl and telling them that it was an avocado

And the award for the strangest post of the year goes to…

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… truth is stranger than fiction in the life of Beto

Every thread doesn’t have to be about abortion.

A fluent Spanish speaker

I guess. His accent is horrible.

True. And most are not.

But it was appropriate in this one.

When did this post make sense to you?

Well, it doesn’t look like he’s going to be in the race much longer if he doesn’t know which country the election is in.

Psst… Beto, their election was last year!

He is destroying any chance at any other federal office with these stunts.

It is a given 2020 is over for him.

He should really show us by moving to Mexico…He could probably be El Presidente there.


Come on man.