Oregon State Republican Senator makes thinly veiled threat of violence against police

Oregon State Republicans have threatened to walk out in response to Senate Democrats and the Governor seeking to pass a major climate change bill. The goal is to deny Democrats the necessary quorum and therefore prevent business from going forward. This comes after Republicans walked out earlier in the year over a tax debate and agreed to return and not pull this stunt going forward as part of a deal with Democrats and the Governor.

In response, Governor Brown suggested she might call a special session, which by law would force the Republicans to stay and do their jobs. It might be necessary to have law enforcement track down absent Senators and escort them back.

Senator Brian Boquist seemed particularly upset by the idea of having to actually do the job to which he was elected, going so far as to threaten police.

Send bachelors and come heavily armed. I’m not going to be a political prisoner in the state of Oregon. It’s just that simple. If you send the state police to get me, Hell is coming to visit you personally.

I guess we will have to wait and see if he decides to become the next mass shooter or not.

Violence in Oregon is the norm now and is being allowed by government officials.

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Isn’t there another option aside from killing the police in their lawful duties with his favorite toys? Like resignation?

That’s what a normal person would suggest first.

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This is the future of America right there.

So you support this senator.

No…but I also don’t like calling out just one side. I’m very consistent that I want equal treatment for all.

Surely if the State Senators are not willing to do their job they should be SACKED?

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Antifa is now an elected state official?

The mayor who permits their violent acts was.

Start a thread on it then. This thread is about a particular senator who said something outrageous. You come in to make it seem okay.

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I don’t need to. I’ll provide context right here and right now. Isn’t free speech cool?

And the mayor is a twit.

But the jackass in the OP should not be a member of that state’s government if that’s his attitude.

(See? Stayed on topic. It’s not that hard.)

Since it’s not that hard, this began some time ago…did you call for the “twit” to resign?

Republicans have changed their tune from debate the issues to blocking government action when they have lost the debate. This man should be removed from office for not representing his constituents.

I may not like the direction we are going but that’s democracy.

I believe the mayor is derelict in his duties and is not fit to manage the city. But since I live on the other coast and don’t allocate hours a day to scour the goings on in all other major cities I don’t pay attention to Portland.

There, now, back to the actual topic of this thread. What is your opinion of the jackass in the OP?

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His remarks will cost him his job.

So, some Democrat state senators are offering violence also? That’s horrible.

I’ll bet money that if they send state troopers to bring in this guy, not a single shot will be fired.

For that matter, the “IF” in that sentence won’t even happen.

Lots of bluster. On both sides.

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Imposing their demands at the point of a gun is violence.

Well then…Mr. Boquist certainly does talk the talk.