Oregon Senate shutdown after Militia threaten to kill state police

Oregon Senate was forced to shut down after Republican Senator refused to show up, the Gov said thy would force them to comply with doing their duty but that idea was scrapped when Oregon Milita threaten to kill anyone who tried to enforce that order.

Right-wing groups posted their support for the GOP lawmakers Friday on social media — in one instance offering to provide escorts to them should the state police come for them.

A group of local Republicans were set to protest inside the Capitol on Saturday when lawmakers were present, and anti-government groups threatened to join, prompting the statehouse shutdown.

One of the groups, the Oregon Three Percenters, joined an armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in 2016. Dozens of people occupied the remote Oregon refuge for more than a month to protest federal control of Western lands. The standoff began to unravel when authorities fatally shot the group’s spokesman and arrested key leaders as they headed to a community meeting.

Let them protest. It ain’t like they are allowed to bring weapons into the capital building.

Whole thing is stupid…

Crazy bastards.

Local businesses are finally realizing how disastrous this bill would be for them. The big companies get their credits for free, and the rest don’t.

Who is this Oregon militia? I thought militias answered to the state governor.

Oregon is a crazy place. They dispise this militia it seems but seem to give a pass to ANTIFA. Go figure!