Orange County, A Conservative Bastion, Turns Blue For The First Time In Decades

Disasters where 94 and 2010. Those were disasters.

Lets keep things in perspective shell we?

you cant try and spin it how you like but teh midterms were a rejection of trumperism by america

They’ll be too busy enacting revenge on Trumpists.

That’s right there base is going to demand it.

The level of persecution against straight white conservative Christian males will be unpresidented. Churches will be shut down, straights will be forced to gay marry and buy gay cakes from gay bakers, concentration camps will be set up and anyone wearing a MAGA hat will be incarcerated and indoctrinated in the name of “tolerance.”

It’s already beginning - Soros funded caravans full of Middle Easterners are already at the border, and are being let in by liberals because they self-identify as “trans-whites.” It’s insane. Buy gold and vacuum sealers, the Revengenists are mobilizing.

Waste of breath and time.

Agreed. Energy much better used preparing for the upcoming Liberal Inquisitions.

I fully expect DEMS and Conservative never Trumper’s to spin the 2018 results as a major disaster for the GOP, but history shows that really isn’t the case.

In 2010 6 Governorships flipped, with GOP gaining the advantage. In 2018 7 flipped, with GOP maintaining the advantage.

in terms of state legislatures:

"The results, for Democrats, were good, but not great. As the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) notes, the gains the party made were relatively modest compared to past midterms."

What you keep missing is it’s not the numbers that were relevant, its WHERE these races were won. Many in heavy Trump won districts in deep red places. That should be your concern. Two more years of Trump will put up that turnout to even higher record numbers for Democrats, independents and those in the GOP who hate him and will vote against him.

Land line Rasmussen is trying to spin that +1 for the r,s

It’s better just to admit your poll was wrong.

Maybe time to update your methodology to include gasp cell phones.


Pretty much what I’ve already stated. DEMs and Conservative Never Trumper’s have already declared Trump to be down and out.

We will see in 2020.

Only Trump haters are making that case. History demonstrates otherwise.

Kris kolbach in dead red Kansas.

Anti immigration

A shoo in right.

Dem wins. What?..


Nj-07begs to differ.

Jersey rejects trump.

OC rejects trump.

Bunch of districts flipped +38 and rejected trump.

You just care not to look at the facts in the case.

How can you reject or downplay -38


i wish i had been given all the bad news in one night like a single punch

instead of hearing more and more bad news over the last week

its like getting punched over and over again

im using a punch as a metaphor for losing an election

is the punching over



No freedom caucus to deal with.

Just straight dems.


Callie bled you slowly. +1 on election night.

+6 when the votes are counted. Lol.


California - Ya

64 rejected Obama and 54 rejected Clinton. They also both lost Senate seats.

We could play these silly games all day long, but in the end…………….

Trump supporters will put a positive spin and Trump haters will put a negative spin.

You can take that to the bank! :+1:

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