Orange County, A Conservative Bastion, Turns Blue For The First Time In Decades

In 2016, the conservative bastion of Orange County, California, voted for a Democratic presidential candidate for the first time since the Great Depression. Two years later, Democrats succeeded in capturing all of seven of its congressional seats ― a stunning feat in what has traditionally been a seat of Republican power that catapulted both Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan to the White House.

The times, they are a changin’.

They must have gotten sick of all the winning.


We can thank Al Sharpton, he’s saving America.


They must live with their choices and I wish them well.


I wonder if any of this came from discontent the tax “reform” bill, and how it affects people in high-value property areas. Those folks in Orange County with $1M+ houses (i.e., starter homes) may not be able to deduct their property taxes fully, and their taxes may well be higher now as a result.

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So, Orange Guy managed to turn Orange County from red to blue.

I guess he can add another accomplishment to his list.


They got a new governor too and does he ever LOVE to spend money on those who contributed much less than they’ll receive under his leadership but will vote for his party, given the opportunity…in the future.

Changing demographics can probably explain this shift better than anything the orange chump has done.


The demographics of Orange County have been changing? Could you elaborate?

Orange is the new Blue.

Even better due to the often orange tint to the naked emperor’s skin.


Elaborate what? There are considerably more democrat voters there now than forty years ago.


They’ve been woke.

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I think this has a lot to do the that tax bill. Screwing over their constituents so the donors could get tax cuts. Number one rule of politics, don’t screw over your people for the party.

But I’m sure they’re all going to getting cushy jobs from those donors, so forget the citizens they represent.

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Nah. Suburb voters flipped.

Demographics made it a long-term reality, Trump just sped things up quite a bit.

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Educated white voters - particularly educated white women.

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I don’t understand why you believe that Orange County has more democrat voters today percentage wise than it did 40 years ago. What has changed?

My argument is that Trump’s policies have hurt voters in Orange County who otherwise tend to vote Republican. The tax bill was a giant ■■■■ you to his constituents in Orange County.

imo a fair chunk of suburban voters in '16 thought Trump would grow in the office, that he’d change.

Hell even I hoped it would do something to make him grow as a person. If anything it’s made him worse.

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I might do some research on it, but one article I read suggested it was a gradual change. Gradual means demographics. If it was a sudden shift than yes, Trump probably had a lot to do with it.

2012 vote in Orange Co (CA)

Obama: 512,440
Romney: 582,332

2014 vote in Orange Co. (CA)


Neel Kashkari ®: 344,817
Jerry Brown (D): 275,707

Lieutenant Governor:

Ron Nehring ®: 358,227
Gavin Newsom (D): 251,920