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Lott: 7.14% of Americans Have Carry Licenses, Up 273% Since 2007

I’m doing my part every week to keep it growing. More good news.

And that doesn’t count those of us who don’t need a carry license to carry.

True that.

And the 9th Circus has unbelievably given us a huge bump in the right directlon.

I’ve got my carry permit. GA has pretty generous laws about where you can carry with a permit, and they are easy to obtain.

Slowly but surely we’re moving back from a heavily restricted privilege to a right. One step at a time and we’ll get there.

It is truly sad that you have to live the life of fear that you do.

Fear? It isn’t me that cringes at the thought of law abiding citizens exercising their rights.

If taking a gun with you everywhere is what makes you happy, so be it.

I don’t cringe. I just don’t think it’s necessary. But if you do, and it’s legal, have at it.

IMO, those who “must” open/close carry are members of the Big Truck/Small ■■■■■ club.

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Do you have a truck?

Open/close carry

“Must”? What an odd way to put it. Nobody is required to carry except law enforcement and security personnel … regardless of the size of their ■■■■■ (if they have one) or what they drive. Your silly attempt to demean people who choose to carry a gun, actually has the opposite effect.

Do you know what “IMO” means? And opinions are like ■■■■■■■■; everyone has one.

It’s a lesser fear than those who want to take the guns away because they are scarry.

I originally got my Concealed Carry because I guy I helped put in prison (not through my work, but personal stuff in my life) was about ready to get out of a stint in State Prison (he did time in two different states and different charges that my family initiated against him).

There is a saying that once you go stupid, you’ll go stupid again. There was concern enough about him showing up on my doorstep, finding me someplace in town, or going after other family members that I carried everyday, everyplace I went. Now – well 50/50 odds I’ll be carrying. I know he still lives in the general area (about an hour away) and could get stupid again at any moment.

Now if I’m in a place and a mass shooting starts will I go “looking” for the shooter. No. That’s not my responsibility as a CC holder. My responsibility is to shelter in the safest place possible, and if the shooter threatens me, then I protect myself (and anyone who may have sheltered with me.)

My kids know I carry – my youngest is now old enough she doesn’t playfully pat me down to see if I’m carrying when we went out someplace. My girlfriend was a little suprised one day when we got back to my place and I told her I needed to take something off (she didn’t know I carried most of the time).

Some of us have reason for carrying. For our safety, and the safety of family members (my oldest doesn’t like guns – so she carries around a stun gun in case Mr. Criminal turns stupid and tries to track her down.)

In your opinion you used the words “must carry.” That was my point. Unless it’s required by your job, “must” is an inappropriate description. The word is “choose.”

Projection… .

Yay for more people carrying at things like video game tournaments. What a wonderful world it will be once everyone is carrying.

Good job guys! Keep doing your parts to get those guns out there.