Open the schools!

Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) Tweeted:

This was such a great idea. Currently there are 55,000 cases at 1021+ universities and colleges. The University of Alabama actually has a covid dorm!

I got news for the Trumpsters. The president owns every bit of this. When the numbers hit in 2-4 weeks after the holiday, they are gonna be abysmal. The sad part is the worst is yet to come.

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A Covid dorm! What an excellent idea! Roll Tide!

Totally…maybe they could put up armed guards to make sure they stay there. :roll_eyes:

The more I think about it, the more I like it. If the situation got so dire as to require forced quarantine. It would be much easier to place agents of the state on a building with 1,000 infected that 1,000 homes each with 1 infected.

Logistics is always an issue.

The better plan would have been to not put irresponsible teenagers in this position.

More and more. No reason they shouldn’t get a good education while we all wait for the Magic Bullet.

Wouldn’t it be something if one out of the Covid dorm found it!!!

They could have done so online Sneaky. The idea of putting all these kids together was a bad plan. It’s gonna bite Trump in the end.

I have no doubt some will try to blame the President, out of TDS, while conveniently ignoring the fact that he is neither rector of any college, mayor of any city nor governor of any state.

In fact, the POTUS figures exactly nowhere in the decision chain of this decisions.


I saw someone say there are over 50,000 reported cases at colleges and ZERO hospitalizations.

Is this true??

Except for his constant encouragement that the the universities need to open. And if they don’t have football then they’re traitors.

I will edit this to say that Trump often says to do it safely. But what if it can’t be done safely and the actual people who are responsible for these kids are the ones who decide that? Then they’re trash.

Does everyone in this country except me have an external locus of control?

I had to look that up. Thanks. Interesting idea. Are you sure you have an internal one?

Ah…but when Trump is stoking his base telling them it’s perfectly fine and they in turn pressure the schools to open. It’s on him.

Perhaps “social media influencers” have taken over the world?

The feminization of the American male is complete?

Dr. Stuart Bell is a Man of Science. Surely he is capable of analyzing the Data and coming to the correct conclusion without succumbing to the immense pressure of a tweet.

I don’t know, but that would be great!

This another one of those we’re supposed to take the man figuratively, not literally things? The man isn’t supposed to be leading the country? Nobody should really be listening to what he says? Makes perfect sense.

It is apparently TRUMP’S!!! fault - thrice removed.

That is really not the point and you know it. They are spreaders and the people they infect will not be so fortunate.

Good thing is they can’t spread it if they are in a dorm with armed guards.

They are still for profit businesses and if parents and students are having hissy fits because Trump said it’s OK…they don’t really have a choice do they.