Open Letter To The Republican's In Congress

YOU are NOT standing up for us when it REALLY COUNTS!

Get some guts or we will.

EVERY ONE OF YOU who is hiding under your desk deserves to be primaried, & we won’t forget who you are.

The GOP mascot is an elephant. We are going to remember who stood up & who did not.

This is a Marxist terrorist movement & you are doing NOTHING! You aren’t even saying anything. Trump is so far the only one in government who is standing for against this insanity.

You make me want to vomit. Grow up, get some guts, & stand up, & we will stand behind you. If you don’t stop this crap it will turn into China’s cultural revolution, & civil war. YOU won’t be safe from these radicals either. These people will ruin us all.


Give congress a call tomorrow: 202-456-1414


They are not there to step up for you, they are there to step up for Donnie and their bank accounts.

There’s not going to be a civil war.

I hope not. If these idiots get in control of government, there will be.

Golf carts and hoverounds have very limited range after all.


You know, the only response I can come up with is: Pfffffffffffft!

I’m sure a better one can be thought of

There won’t be a civil war if the left gets in control of the government. I hope the far-left types have more control in the government to reign in the war-hawks.

The far insane left is who I’m talking about. They get in control it will be civil war.

Pretty much. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if a few extremist groups launch an attack or two, as they’ve been doing already.

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Yeah, the far left is who is burning the cities.

No, there won’t be. Strife and tension, definitely, but that’s no different than what is already occurring under a Republican administration.

Naw, I think there will be massive assassination’s all over the country if the far left take over & begin with a socialist agenda & removal of rights.

Even at the height of that violence a civil war did not occur.

Assassinations of who?

Did not? I’m not talking past tense.

Dude youe living in a fantasy world.

That’s no fantasy of mine. I just believe that is what will happen. I believe no leftist in government will be safe if they attempt to remove rights & impose socialism.

Who is going to be assassinated? Who is going to carry out these acts?