Open Letter to American Males

Stop this. It’s stupid.


I’m so old-school on this that I wish doctors wouldn’t reveal the baby’s sex to the parents.

And folks, if “gender” is truly the fluid concept today’s woke-ness claims it is, the concept of “gender reveal” for a pre-born child is impossible. At best, the parties should be called sex-reveal parties.


It is stupid. It’s about parents craving way too much attention. And looking for another excuse to get gifts.


I think that we can get broad bipartisan support on this one.


Very sad. And stupid as you said. This is definitely a first world problem.

People are coming up with creative, unique and dangerous ways to reveal baby gender. I can see the excitement for first time parent. But seriously, STOP THIS NONSENSE.

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You mean…stop with the nonsense of pyrotechnics at parties, or stop with gender reveal parties?

Because actually, why?

Let people do what they want and suffer the consequences.

People do stupid stuff. It’s a tradition.


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Darwinism award.

So what is the grand reckoning so far, for “gender reveal parties”?

How many deaths and millions of dollars in property damage, all in told?

Right the stupid thing was playing around with things that go boom, not the party.

You think males will stop playing around with things that go boom if we don’t have gender reveal parties anymore?

There are two conflicting messages out there.


My take is that people simply have too much time on their hands.

Right, it’s the boom-boom that was stupid.

Gender reveals are pretty innocuous new tradition.

I wouldn’t do it but each to his own.


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I don’t think he can get a Darwin Award as there was a baby on the way, but congratulations on playing stupid games & winning stupid prizes.

Gender reveals are retarded. What ever happened to waiting until the baby’s born to reveal the sex? What’s wrong with a sense of mystery?

If modern technology has turned prospective parents & their friends into unthinking, totally lacking in initiative or even a desire to get off their fat ■■■■■■■ asses and search an infant section at Walmart for such neutral items as bath towel & washcloth sets, rag dolls and stuffed animals without buttons (choking hazards), rattles, music boxes, board books, they should do the family a favor and 1) buy them a gift certificate, or 2) wait until the baby is born to buy a gift, or 3) buy them nothing at all since they can’t get off their asses without being spoon fed the sex specifics.

It depends on the execution to determine how innocuous it is.

More importantly, however innocuous it is, it is universally a stupid new tradition.

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This one, which took place over the summer, is hardly innocuous. Hadn’t realized until finding this article a firefighter had been killed, may he Rest In Peace:

A Firefighter Is Killed In California Wildfire Sparked By Gender Reveal Party : NPR.

You’re right. It is a universally stupid new tradition.

Seems frivolous at first glance, there’s a lot going on here…

She sent you a message moron.

Note: Men do not post stage directions to themselves or start a post with “Sigh”

Thankfully, I’m just barely old enough that I don’t know anyone who has had one of these.

On a similar note, though, I am concerned that prom-posals will still be a thing in a decade.

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  1. The craftsmanship on the topper is pretty impressive.

  2. I don’t understand video games.

  3. I like that the article translated jajajaja to hahahaha.

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