Open Borders bill

So Trump said there was a bill in congress that is backed by democrats in congress right now. Can some Trump support please link to this or explain why crowd would cheer him on when it was a lie?

Because they don’t care if it is true or not?

That’s one advantage Trump has in these rallies - there is no one on site to fact check him as he is speaking.

Essentially, he can say anything he wants and they will still cheer for him.

I’d love to hear a red hatter explain this one.

Good luck with that.

Seems accurate to call it an open borders bill to me. From the bill in question.


SEC. 4. Presumptions.

The presumptions described in this section are the following:

(1) FAMILY UNITY.—There shall be a strong presumption in favor of family unity.

(2) SIBLINGS.—To the maximum extent practicable, the Secretary shall ensure that sibling groups remain intact.

(3) DETENTION.—In general, there is a presumption that detention is not in the best interests of families and children.

What happens when you release them instead? If you answer you never see around 40% of them again you would be correct.

He tells them what they want to believe. I mean it’s not like the CEC hasn’t been lying to them for decades.

Laughably predictable DEM behavior.

Exaggerated hyperbole.

DEMs simply can’t help themselves.


Nothing to explain. :+1:

Check your glasses buddy, dems are not the one engaging in ridiculous hyperbole and lies:

  • “Every single Democrat in the U.S. Senate has signed up for the open borders, and it’s a bill, it’s called the ‘open borders bill.’ What’s going on? And it’s written by, guess who? Dianne Feinstein,” Trump said Oct. 6 in Topeka. - TRUMP

You misunderstood my response.

Trump engaged in exaggerated hyperbole in typical Trump fashion. Predictably Trump hating DEMs tripped over themselves to call Trump a liar…………


He is playing these Trump hating idiots like a fiddle.

In other words, fat donald lied again.
Hyperbole= lies.
The truth isn’t the truth.

So a President lying to the American people on a daily basis is justified… because some may believe it? OK…

Except when you utilize ATD’s which are significantly cheaper than detention and result in a court appearance rate of over 99% [1][2].


TDS. Plain and simple.


Frothing at the mouth.

Trump-hating = Trump-hating.

I quoted him, the only froth is your desperate defense.

There is nothing to defend. :+1:

And yet here you are all frothy :thinking:

Trump lied. There is no bill called the “Open Borders Bill”. That is just the natural result of passing the bill to keep families together, because the courts will only allow children to be in detention with adults for a limited amount of time.
If Trump had said “Democrats support bills that result in open borders” he would have been telling the truth.