OP-ED: Mainstream Media Has No More of a Right To Be In The White House Than You Do | Sean Hannity

As the Constitution states, Congress shall make no law “abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.” These 1st Amendment rights are where the main stream media has built their propaganda pedestal of mandatory inclusion in the White House. Misconstruing these rights to fit their narrative, the media has convinced the public that they are the Fourth Estate of government and the watch dogs of those in government. As I will show you, nothing is further from the truth.

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I have to tell you Sean you do yourself no favor with this cushy relationship you have with the President, and your credibility takes a dive everytime you nuzzle up to him. Acosta at least asked him hard questions and more than that you are hurting FOX, although it seems like they have taken the “Hurts so Good” attitude presently, but eventually that will change their fair and balanced motto they barely hang on to.
You might be to busy to notice while you hammer the youngster Omar into the ground and I have not heard a lie come out of her mouth, but you expect that when the media is controlled by our Jewish brethren and I am talking ownership Sean.
What would you do going against a Reagan Democrat like myself, rather than these pansie interviews you set up with yourself.
You and Douglass Dakota of YouTube fame should pair up on Omar and we can watch you stew until you blow a blood vessel inside your skull.
You get pissed over one Muslim woman serving in Congress and yet she has not betrayed her country like the “Clinton Gang.”
Yeah, I think your Catholic education is interfering with your job and I got to believe your over 50, which I have socks older than you.
At least Brinkley challenged the government nightly and I thought you would chime in on the drone collateral damage charade, but guess Gina is giving them more targets than usual and by the way, I was an early supporter of this she-wolf.
I feel your pain Acosta as in this country you could challenge the President’s motivation.
He wants to Tweet and do you know, he does not follow anyone who makes less than a million a year.
NYC Firemen are a brotherhood and have known one for going on thirty years, but would betray his honor if I told anyone the stunts you pulled off.
Prioritize Sean; Figure out the good guys and figure out the bad guys, and look in the dictionary what warrants anti semite and Zionism and you will notice a huge difference between the two.
Why are we giving a thriving economy who are third in arm sales in the world, two (2) Billion a year. Tell me of one Arab country that stole fissionable material from the United States with the help of a scumbag traitor Mossad worked with.
Tell me of one Arab country that have assassins throughout the world that really don’t care if the bad guys family is around.
The assassins after the Olympic massacre even questioned their own ethics, as they knew there was people on the kill-list that did not belong on it.
Tell me of one Arab country that has about 160 nuclear bombs and a boatload of chemical weapons even though they signed an agreement not to?
It looks like the Arabs will be attacked chemically before the use of the bomb.
People are surely saying did you see what Just_Bill the semite wrote?
He should be banned from saying that because everyone is a guest on this blog and must be treated with respect.
It will be a cold day in hell before I respect any US Congressman or lady in this forum as Barry and them have completely decimated this country which will never be the country it was in 1940 when the greatest generation in the history of man were in their youth.
They were all special men who would have known exactly how to act if someone took down the Towers on their watch, and they would have attacked the correct country first and foremost.
Presently, Saturday Night Live is having problems coming up with something that’s funnier than C-Span itself and we cannot forget the season is only half over.