OP-ED: Comey blew it


Yes, it was stupid of Hillary to have her own server. She was more worried you would find out something, than foreign govts…


Yes, he did.


Say what? :blush:


I was hoping that wouldn’t get out. :grin:


I’m not following you. Leaked?

It seems here the FBI said it was hacked. I’m not talking about classified.


Think progress is no better than Gateway Pundit.


I think he Clinton’s meeting with Lynch in the hangar hurt her worse than Comey.


Agreed…and it woke lot of people up about the corruption within CoJ and FBI.


By the way madasheck, good find. Thanks for posting it.



According to Office of the Inspector General Comey sent a letter,
over Department objections, informing Congress that the FBI was taking additional
steps in the Clinton E-mail Investigation.

On October 27, 2016 at 10:00 a.m., Comey held a meeting with the Clinton
E-mail Investigation team to discuss obtaining a search warrant for a set of Clinton-
related e-mails the FBI had discovered on a laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner, and taking additional steps in the Clinton E-mail Investigation. Special Counsel
attended the meeting. McCabe was out of town, but joined the meeting via
conference call. Shortly after the meeting began, the then-FBI General Counsel
(“FBI-GC”) suggested, and Comey agreed, that McCabe should leave the call.
Comey told us that he asked McCabe to drop off the call, and McCabe was “very
unhappy about it.” Special Counsel also left the meeting. After discussions
between FBI and Department leadership, on October 28, 2016, Comey sent a letter,
over Department objections, informing Congress that the FBI was taking additional
steps in the Clinton E-mail Investigation.

Again because of leaks coming out of New York Comey had to do something.

Keep in mind Giuliani also knew what was going on because of his close connections within New York department both at NYPD and FBI office.


Hillary…is that you?:rofl:


Hillary did campaign quite a bit in Pennsylvania, but she still lost that state. Trump campaigned more than Clinton in Colorado, but Clinton won Colorado. Clinton’s ground game didn’t cost her the Presidential election.


It’s A LITTLE better than Gateway Pundit-politics aside, even that should be agreed upon. ThinkProgress is fanatical, but they’re not Jim Hoft levels of just blatantly making things up.


No. No better.


You’re nuts.


Not even a little bit.


No it didnt…it just was a stupid move on Clinton…


Personally, I think all this “ground game” is way over rated. I am getting telephone calls right now. That won’t make one bit of difference in my vote or whether I vote. If it did make a difference, I’d be a little bothered by people annoying me.
And people n Wisconsin weren’t likely to channge their vote to Hillary if she showed up. All that might do is remind them of why they were voting for Trump (but probably nothing)


IMO, the way the Comey thing could have hurt Hillary is that the Dems had a line of women saying stuff like Trump once kissed them in an elevator, and stuff like that. Comey took back what he said about the Clinton investigation, but even that took up space on the front page that could have been used by someone who claimed Trump touched them 30 years ago.


She didn’t work it nearly as hard as Trump. Not even close.