Oops, United States has to dismiss illegal entry charges against 32 aliens due to a BoP computer glitch

Due to a Bureau of Prisons computer glitch, 32 alien defendants were not timely brought before a judge and a Federal Public Defender moved for and got dismissal of all cases under the Speedy Trials Act.

Jeff Sessions “prosecute all illegals” scheme ain’t working out so good to this point and it ain’t looking like it will get any better for him.

Not enough Judges, prosecutors, marshals or prisons to handle this tidal wave.

Get more judges, prosecutors and marshals etc. If there aren’t that isn’t on Sessions its on those who don’t want our laws enforced.

And they only let them off because they were all misdemeanors. Not that big a deal. They still get a ride home.

I have seen more than a few felons walk free in federal court due to missed deadlines under the Speedy Trials Act. Doesn’t matter if you stand accused of murder or Treason. Miss that deadline and out the door you walk.

And I have repeatedly called for a Federal Judgeship Bill.

From your referenced article, this situation applied to the misdemeanors and to several felons.
They opted to get rid of the misdemeanors and proceed with the felons.

“At a hearing on the issue Wednesday morning, U.S. District Chief Judge Barry Moskowitz granted the government’s offer to dismiss all of the misdemeanor cases — 32 in all — and ordered authorities to produce the remaining five defendants with felony charges for arraignment. They were eventually arraigned Wednesday morning.”