Oops, He Did It Again. Trump Met Putin Without staff or Note Takers Present — Again

I’m sure they were just talking about the weather. No need for notes on that. :rofl:

If they talked about grandkids and golf scores, we know that the left approves of this undisclosed meeting.

Nice deflection. Do you support repeated meetings with Putin like this?

Sentiment like this shows how complicit Trump supporters are with his allegiance to a foreign nation.


Is that what you think they discussed?

What I support is the enforcement of our laws, equally, to everyone and doing so…equally. I get more upset when this is broken, than the law that was broken because now the problem is INTERNAL and not an external one. “We” have an internal problem.

What does President Trump meeting Putin without Ears from the US have to do with equal enforcement of the law?



Trump appears to have more allegiance to Russia than to the United States, but Hillary.

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Apparently it does not concern you at all.

As an American, I am concerned, not because I think Trump is garbage, but that a president is in secret meetings with a perceived “enemy” and lied about the meeting.

Do you believe the comment from President Obama regarding “flexibility after the election” was intended to be heard or was it meant to be “without Ears”?

They were literally in a room full of people and had cameras and microphones pointed at them.

So… no, I don’t believe that President Obama had any real expectation of privacy in that exchange.


I can only imagine what Putin told President Trump about Obama and his Deepstate traitors.

Remember the CEC and the old board blasting Obama over that comment? Remember when he was called a traitor? I wouldn’t be surprised if a few even called for him to be impeached.

Remember when Trump did it and the same folks who raked Obama over the coals are now going “Its all cool, Trump is cool, no big deal.”


Buh buh Obama obama. Buh buh Nyet Trump lover

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You see… when you want to compare apples to apples… you have to make sure that you are holding the right kind of fruit

There is a difference between an off the record closed door meeting without any other US representation there and a quick conversation with cameras and microphones pointed at them.

Wouldn’t you agree?


Yes, I love President Trump thank you very much.

They’re trying to argue one off the cuff comment by Obama to Putin equals two completely secret Trump meetings with him. And they’re doing it with a straight face.


Yes. That’s ■■■■■■ up and completely indefensible on Trump’s part. I’d say I can’t believe that Trump’s enablers and supporters and cult-members are spinning and defending this, but . . . of course they are. It’s a cult.

It’s what the man on the radio tells them to say.