Ooops! A Democrat gets caught telling the real truth!

Former aide to Chuck Schumer, Chris Hahn gets caught by Tucker Carlson slipping, and tell what the Democratic Party is actually about!!! hahahaha. Well, the truth shall set you free! lol.
Do you know the rare time in Politics when someone gets caught saying something that they shouldn’t be saying, because it’s the truth, and it’s evil, and immoral? This is one of those times! lol. start at 34 minutes into this link. or if you don’t wish to click on the link type this in; tucker carlson tonight 9-28-18 chris hahn

He said as long as the Democrat voters are ok with the morality of the Democrat Senators, it doesn’t matter what they do, or how they act!
In other words, as long as the Democrat politicians are in power, they don’t care how they come about it, or get it, as long as they have it. They don’t care what they have to do, in order to get it, just as long as Americans vote for them to get them elected. lmao!!! lol.