Only the rich should have electricity in a crisis

The risk they take. :man_shrugging:

My power has been cut off, gas too. We learn to make better choices.

I’ve got a better idea; stop being stupid about how the electricity is supplied and allow the market forces to determine it, not the stupid ass government perpetuation their agendas. Did anyone learn anything when they witnessed Solyndra? Let the free market determine the path of our energy supplies and then more people can afford it and there’s less probability of energy outages in the future.

So just like Texas then.

I gotcha free market right here.

Griddy customer unable to switch provider stuck with $17,000 electric bill

free market

  • n.

An economic market in which supply and demand are not regulated or are regulated with only minor restrictions.

  • n.

Any market in which trade is unregulated; an economic system free from government intervention.

You should read the article. It wasn’t a regulatory issue that prevented people from switching

Is it a free market?..Do they have a choice of other power providers? Thats a question not sarcasm…don’t know if they do

If there’s any reason, it isn’t free and that’s the point. If it’s truly free, you’ll end up with the best service, at the lowest possible price for that quality of service and that’s what I promote.

It’s a free market. The market just said “no”.

I love the rhetorical knots and lengths you guys will go to and the ridiculous ■■■■ you’ll say to pretend like this wasn’t a low regulation, free market failure.

“ Ty says he tried repeatedly and was told by many prospective providers a switch would take at least a week.

“It was useless because nobody wants to take on the burden of a new client when they’re paying top dollar for power,” he said.”

K… :sunglasses:

Be careful. You still need electricity to move the heat from a gas furnace around the house.

He said gas fireplace, not gas furnace.

Yes- watch the state government scramble to change that. People are furious and afraid.

My bad.

Market forces to determine - like Amazon, FaceBook and Twitter?

Do you know there is usually one public utility company in the city? One electric, one natural gas.