"Only the Best" - Gropey joe biden Edition; Hiring Some Architects of America's Corporate Flight to china

Okay, I’ll entertain the comedic nightmare scenario of a “biden presidency” for a few minutes to discuss some of the trending stories. You’ve got the biden girls in the hammer and sickle caps. The biden mean girl who likes to beat up reporters and talk tough about those nasty ol’ republicans. Basically a whole ecosystem full of swamp creatures.

Now this:

Keep the list going.

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I find the complaints hilarious.


Can anyone translate?

Football anyone?


Well, its not like it was Turkey. Its only coordinating with Communist China, our new best friend.

A lot of mumbo in that jumbo. I am stumped.

I just hope that Joe takes his cues from his predecessor. Like: Do the Biden girls have any bumbling, fail-son husbands? Get at least one them clearance and put him in charge of important stuff. Also: Secretary of State Hunter Biden has a nice ring. RE: China. I want Democratic Senators spending time in Beijing and shuttling love notes to their leadership.

hunter’s mentors running foreign policy. What could go wrong?

Seriously though…POWER!!

And bribes.


This is what 80 million voters crawled to mailboxes to vote for.

Return to selling out the middle class and government control of as much as possible.

Biden is going to wreck the economy in dramatic fashion.

BLM will be supporting Trump in 2024.

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Hey… remember that time… like at the end of October… when we found out that the sitting Secretary of Commerce never fully removed himself from sitting on the board of a Chinese Company until January 2019 and literally no one cared?

Yeah… me too.

Blinken for secretary of state…

Winken for secretary of game shows and Nod for secretary of sleep?

Thankfully Obama killed bin Laden before Trump had a chance to be BFFs with him.


would have invited him to camp David to memorialize 9/11


You guys are hysterical

thanks but i can’t take credit for it when stuff happens in real life.

Our biggest trading partner ladies and gentlemen.

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You sure about that?

And “obama killed him”?? Really??

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I think you oughta wait for a bit to use the “only hires the best” line. A bit to close to home when the guy who touted that skill is busy tearing down democracy and bad mouthing the very “best” people he himself hired when they don’t lockstep.

Flush Twice.

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BRING BACK THE SWAMP! I WANT ALL THE WAMP. The rest are total losers.

Also: a commemorative coin.

“He wrote me beautiful letters. And they’re great letters. We fell in love.”

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