Only President Not To Achieve 3% GDP In Any Year

Over the past several years, this was a favorite refrain from the GOP: “The only president not to achieve 3% growth in any year!” It was used to mock what was perceived as a slow recovery and overall lackluster economy.

Well, today it’s an honor to bestow this achievement, or lack thereof, on Donald J Trump. He is the only president not to achieve 3% annual GDP growth* in any year [1]:

2015: 3.075%
2018: 2.996%

  • Unless you round up, of course.

Indeed. He took over an economy that was chugging along just fine,and then made it slightly more anemic. He has another honor bestowed upon him as well…



The final numbers this year should be interesting

Indeed, and it will cause next year’s numbers to be INSANE. Get this:

If we have 50% quarters for both 2020Q3 and 2020Q4 (hint: we won’t), every single 2021 quarter can post -10% and 2021’s annualized GDP will still be 3.4%.


I am glad to see you back. I love your analysis on this stuff. What you just posted is gob-smacking!

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his economic policies are just that bad huh?

when did it stop being “obama’s economy?”

Are you sure he’s not on PlayStation? Otherwise it would be a trophy.


The day Trump took office and everybody, including Trump himself, started calling it his. If y’all wanna give him credit for the good times rolling on then he gets to take the blame for the bad.


According to Trump, it has been his economy since he was inaugurated.

Which means he owns it’s current state fair and square.


And the thing is - the economy has been down for months now. in terms of political time, this is like eons. As people start seeing their savings drain, their credit dry up, and have bill collectors hassling the hell out of them, they’re going to forget all those good times. This is the economic framework as we are getting ready to vote for the next president of the US. When combined with the ongoing problems with COVID, I’m glad I’m not trying to get reelected right now.

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According to some, its been his since he was elected.

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ah of course.

except for the past three years as everyone claimed it was obama’s

hey it’s ok just like the media you count on me being stupid

Its never trumps fault.


of course

right from day one huh?

it was never trump’s economy either

of course not… Trump takes no responsibility for anything


yeah everyone who isnt in the media

you guys are a real class act

except his economy

which was never his till right…,NOW


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as one of the most brilliant leftists on the forum repeatedly sez…

it’s all so stupid