Only Guilty People Have "War Rooms" and Now Trump Has One

In his press conference last week, Acting Chief of Staff Mulvaney said, "“You don’t have a war room when you haven’t done anything wrong, Clinton certainly had a war room. I think Nixon did. But they actually did something wrong. We didn’t. So we don’t have a war room.”

And this week, Trump’s team has set up a War Room. What conclusion can you draw other than this is an obvious admission of guilt from Donald Trump and his team.

Mick Mulvaney’s press conference: the gift that keeps giving.

Or maybe people on both sides of the aisle can look at this one and have a good laugh at the sheer incompetence of yet another one of Trump’s “only the best people”.

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I can’t believe they’re organized enough at this point to set up a war room.


It seems they have done so in spite of Trump, not in coordination with him. The people with even a modicum of intellect remaining in this administration see the road before them. Even if Trump does not, and his toadies are too afraid to tell him the truth.

You’re not alone. WSJ had an exculpatory editorial the other day claiming that Trump can’t be guilty because he’s too universally incompetent.

I dunno, who’s even left? Their starting lineup was a bunch of C-list clowns with the exception of Mattis and Kelly and Kelly managed to get touched by Trump and his credibility died in less than two years. Tillerson was the most unpopular SecState in a generation. Sessions was considered too racist to be a federal judge forty years ago. These were the cream of the crop. Who’s left?

None would be considered a brain trust. But they do have Pat Cipollone, Bill Barr, Mike Pompeo, and even Mulvaney. Pence is there as well. I know it is kind of bottom of the barrel talent, but these are people at least smart enough to understand there is real trouble at their gates.

I draw the conclusion that I’ve never in my life witnessed the total political establishment attacking a sitting President, from every angle possible, in hopes that something, anything…may stick, so that they can continue on with their shenanigans. They never thought that this whole, illicit plan to exonerate Hillary would ever come to see the light of day. Now…they’re running scared and Durham has these law breakers in his sights…and they’re going down. This impeachment bull feces is their last ditch effort and sheople expose themselves as sheople for going along with them.

“Do us a favor though”


“I’m leaving in 6 hours and if he isn’t fired, you’re not getting the money.”

So Mitch McConnell is not part of the political establishment by your estimation?

Dunham — career prosecutor — is not part of the establishment.

Your furor to denounce seems to be leading to strange judgments.

First it was Huber, then Horowitz, now Durham… I have to admire the dedication…

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Deeeep sttaaattteee

Horowitz did his job and made it very clear that McCabe committed criminal acts and should be indicted. That opened the door that when Barr peeked inside saw that McCabe…is the small fry. He then appointed Durham to go higher up…drip, Drip, DRIP…:sunglasses:

TIck, tock…

The track record, so far, for “Deep State” prosecutors if ZERO indictments…

What was the scorecard for the Mueller investigation? Also, are there any ongoing investigations as a result of the Mueller investigation?

Correct…and it’s now gaining such steam, that it’s the motivation behind the impeachment circus. :sunglasses:

LMAO… Abusing the power of the presidency was caused by the deep state?

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Creating the Mueller investigation is the perfect example of abuse of power by the deep state.

The Trump administration created the Mueller investigation… Mueller himself was appointed by Trump’s AG.

No…he wasn’t. Trump’s AG stupidly recused himself and the establishment Rod Rosenstein appointed him. He then gave him a scope waaaaaayyyyyyy outside of “Russian collusion”. It was completely corrupt and a part of what’s now being exposed by Barr.