ONLY 6.8%, yeah right- Thanks again TJ!

I keep hearing inflation is at 6.8%, but so far, I’ve yet to run across any item, at least that I buy, that isn’t up in multiples of that. We can all see what TJ has done to gas prices because they are are posted on large signs, Joe has caused gas prices to double in just over 12 months. My heating bill, though not double is way up and I can hardly wait to see my electric bills this summer during the AC season.

What really set me off today was a trip to the grocery store. We all know prices are going up. WAY UP, but the price of staple items is getting prohibitive. For me, a major staple item is Diet Dr. Pepper. Now I know that many, if not most of you probably prefer something a little stronger after a days work, but since I gave up beer, Diet Dr. Pepper has become my go to beverage when I get home. Last year, a 12 pack was about 3.50 - 4.00. The special at Kroger was 3 12 packs for 9.00, which last year creeped up to 3 for 10.00, then 3 for 11.00, 3 for 12.00… I figured 4 bucks each still isn’t too bad, but in February I went to pick some up and the new “ LOW” price at Kroger- 6.49 for 1! I decided I am no longer going to buy Diet Dr. Pepper and instead try the generic Kroger brand. Apparently a lot of other people have made the same decision. Now Kroger is usually out of the 12 pack generic with only 2 liter bottles available, meanwhile the Dr. Pepper is near fully stocked because few people are buying at that price! This week, the new “LOW” price has jumped to 6.99! Another .50 in just 2 months.

I may not be a math whiz, but I’m pretty sure if I did the math, that Dr. Pepper is up way over 6.8%, as is everything else I buy. Coffee- from 8.99 to 11.99, dog food- from 87 cents a can to 1.23. Either the price is way up or the size of the product is way down at the same price. Where in the heck are they getting this 6.8% number? I doesn’t really matter, Joe and company are pathological liars anyway. I wouldn’t believe a word they say if they swore they were lying! How do you Libs continue to support this guy when literally every single thing he does causes harm to American citizens?

My wife and I have begun a new catchphrase that we now find ourselves using daily, because the things TJ has screwed up in our country have become too numerous to count. We just say “ THANKS JOE!” and I add under my breath “YOU TREASONOUS PIECE OF CRAP!” Obama told us that the damage he did was the “new normal” and TJ has told us to accept his destruction and “lower our expectations”. How much lower do our expectations have to get before you Libs wake up and quit making excuses for this incompetent buffoon?

Let’s hope the first thing the Republican controlled house and Senate does in 2023 is to impeach the idiot, and save a lot more grief by impeaching his evil hag Kamala at the same time…


They don’t use the same method of measuring inflation that they used under Carter otherwise we would be hearing it is 15 percent is what i keep hearing.

Even one of Obama’s economic guys is saying we will have 10 percent inflation for the next 10 years!


increasing inflation isn’t a problem for balloons…


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Come on, maaaaaaaaaaan…you can fix everything…just buy a Tesla. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

“Is what i keep hearing”.

Like real unemployment!

It’s like you guys learned something somewhere from someone.

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The rants

They are glorious.


That’s a great idea! IF I could afford a car starting at 60K, I’d just be trading the extra 125 bucks or so I’m paying a month for gas for an extra 600.00 a month on my truck payment!! AND of course my electric bill would probably go up a teensy bit too. Joe is such a compassionate genius!

THANKS JOE(you treasonous piece of crap)! :smiley:


Not as glorious as what dems have in store for them at the polls next time around.

Sure. The house def. May be not the Senate. We shall see

By the way if it doesn’t happen don’t forget to blame the freebies. Very important.

Is it November yet? :rofl:

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What is the Republican plan to lower inflation? I haven’t seen it

Don’t get me started! Anyone check the price of Wavy Lays lately?


I’m missing it.

Who is “TJ” ?

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I think we are just seeing the tip of this iceberg.


What’s the republican plan to stop this inflation?

Complain more.


Blame democrats…especially progs and libs.

That is their only strategy. Sadly, it works.


Look! Here’s the deal! come on man…you know this

Crits complaining about complaining. :rofl::+1:t4: