Only 30% of today's young adults are "'qualified" to serve in the military?


What state do you teach in? My education career has only been in NJ and the fact is that in NJ in the urban inner city districts the problems of 50 years ago are still the problems today. And mind you this is after many education reforms and billions of dollars poured into those schools. Go ask Mark Zuckerburg how is 100 million dollar into Newark schools went.


Elementary and Middle Schools.
Yes, it’s definitely a thing. They’re either making PE not required or eliminating it altogether.


Bummer. Maybe we should have listened, rather than ridiculed, when a high profile person was actively working to address childhood obesity.


You’re going to need the women serving if most of the men are too uneducated, criminal or overweight.


In what state is that? That is not the case in NJ.


I remember a certain group of people throwing shade because that high profile person wanted folks to eat healthy, jackasses talking about we should be able to eat what we want…blah, blah, blah. It was so dumb. Not once realizing that down the road this could be a potential national security crisis.


I’ve taught in both TN and KY.


It’s funny-when I was in elementary school in the early 90s, I remember Bush Sr. enlisting Arnold to help pump us up. We had whole wheat breads, were required to have veggies and fruits on our trays even when we didn’t want them and weren’t going to eat them, had to participate in all sorts of fitness challenges.

I was only a wee tot at the time, but I’d be surprised to find out people who complained about Michelle’s initiatives also complaining about Bush Sr.'s initiatives.


I am exaggerating but It amazes me how many of my 13 yr old son’s friends do not own bikes. Do not go on hikes in our woods. Many play sports but these days many parents act as if their kid will be the next legend… Maryland and lacrosse is heavy. Many kids seem to shy away with all the extreme jocky vicarious parents…


Most of our best and brightest have no desire to join the military. They don’t want the low pay and they don’t want the brain washing.

I also wonder if drug testing plays a role in this low amount of qualified soldiers. If so, maybe we should look at ways around that.

But on the bright side, our two biggest former foes, Germany and Japan are having much bigger problems with their youths.


Take all this with a grain of salt. Standards depend on how desperate they are.


Children born in poverty and single parent households typically are more prone to fall into the three categories mentioned: inadequate education, criminality, and obesity

Again the stat was that nearly 50% of US births are covered by Medicaid, which would mean that nearly 50% of American children being born are born in poverty or nearly so.


Basically every profession that requires drug testing and a background check is having a hard time attracting people. The mass transit system here, which is a really good blue collar job-start in the 40s, top out in the 60s, retire in 20 years on half pay, full bennies-is absolutely desperate for people because of it. The convenience store on my street won’t hire you if you have misdemeanor conviction.

If it’s “worse” now, it’s because jobs twenty, thirty years didn’t require drug tests and you all just lied about your criminal record if you had one secure in the knowledge that no one was going to go to the courts in person to check. The only people who were really investigated were employees that had to be bonded.


That does not indicate any trend up or down of what percent of the population is fit for service…

It also does not take i to consideration whether the requirements to be able to serve have shifted either…

So it cant be said whether this 30% is an increase or decrease from prior years…


30% is high


Rofl that was pretty funny.


Maybe I’m seeing it incorrectly, but article isn’t clear about why.

Are they failing the physical?

Let me find a link & see.


Hope this helps, Eagle

There are other factors that will get a recruit turned down—for example certain medications and gauged ear lobes—but obesity appears to be the most common.

And, as indicated in the article, the U S Armed Forces aren’t as willing to offer rehabilitation to those who would otherwise qualify. It appears entrance is more competitive.


If i didnt have a dog or house i would consider joining the air force. Not even sure if possible/reasonable at 30+ years old with graduate degree in CS. Wanted to straight out of HS but the thought made my mom break down in tears. I was like, ok mom i wont go lol


I think the cut off was raised to 40. I could be wrong probably am.