Only 3-4% of the $5 trillion promised by Trump has been repatriated after the tax cuts

One of the big draws of corporate tax cuts was supposed to be that companies would bring their cash back to the US . Trump said it would be close to 5 trillion.

The WSJ reports that only $143 billion has been brought back. Only $37 billion more has currently been announced.

So…BIG, PERMANENT, CORPORATE tax cuts were implemented for this purpose, and it’s not even remotely close to achieving that purpose.

What exactly is the hold up?

Wait - you’re telling me that the GOP tax plan isn’t bearing the fruits promised?? That massive tax cuts are only increasing the debt and deficit on the backs of the middle and poor classes? And that GOP economic policy is failing. Again.

Very surprising, right?

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Said no one ever.

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Still a lot of jitters with tariffs and mid-terms. I realize LIBs were looking for instant results, but………………

Gee, I wonder who got the jitters with tariffs started…


I have asked this question before but Interested to know how long will you give the tax cuts to bear the promised fruit? And please don’t say medium to long term as that is meaningless without some frame of reference. Is it 1 year, 2 years or more?

There’s a trumpslanation for EVERYTHING!

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I haven’t a clue. It is absurd to believe we can judge the effectiveness of Trump’s tax cuts, barely a year after they were implemented.

There is nothing to explain. In the Trump-hating world of LIBs, if they don’t see instantaneous results they can claim failure. Truly a sight to behold.

Trump said it would happen “very shortly.”

What could the beautiful, luscious tariffs have to do with anything? They’re wonderful and amazing.

What do the mid terms have to do with anything? Even if Ds took both houses of congress, they can’t undo the tax cuts.

Trump told us there would be fast results.

You are making my case! :+1:

No, I made mine. Trump said we should expect results quickly, and we can only take him at what he says.

Trump is on fire. The quickest way to douse that fire is for DEMs to take control of one or both houses of congress.

There is no real incentive to ‘bring cash back’.

Compared to the 0% tax rates of some countries, this downs’ mean squat.

But “quickly” is so subjective!

I’d wager would need to wait until at least 2021 to judge the results of the tax cuts.

Completely irrelevant on the subject were talking about right now

No its not. Businesses plan for the future. Right now that future is up in the air with the mid-terms.