One thing sad about a Biden win

I think the biggest loser in all this is going to be media which will have absolutely zero to talk about and probably will tank in ratings once Trump is gone. Because let’s face it love/loathe him he provided them with ad click galore.

But I think what is sad is here we are two weeks out from the election and I have hardly seen anyone whether it’s on here or media regardless talk about all the cool things the Biden administration is going to do other than spend a ton of money, tax me a lot more and give healthcare to illegal aliens.

What policies are you excited about by Biden? I guess it looks like he will be president just haven’t really heard anything other than he’s not Trump or platitudes.

I remember when Trump was running I would run into people that was talking about oh my god he’s going to build a wall this is awesome to stop illegal immigration, it might sound retarded to some but at least it was something, what is it that the sniffer is bringing to the table other than high taxes that people are excited about? You don’t need a green new deal it’s already been put in place by COVID-19 oil industries are going out and nobody’s hardly fly coming soon for a whole year.

Politics isn’t supposed to be about the ■■■■■■■ ratings. Just stop.


Well there was a little more to my post than just ratings.

Biden’s not gonna caper like a buffoon, treat the presidency like a reality show, lie constantly and say things far beneath the dignity of the office on a daily basis. What a ■■■■■■■ tragedy.


Why is this sad?

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It’s literally the premise of your thread. Biden isn’t gonna be fun to watch like a reality show. You might as well have titled this “Does America Want A President Who Actually Knows What He’s Talking About?”


If Biden wins, Trump will not be going away. There’s tons of entertainment still to come.


Like the indictments and court hearings. With Rudy as his counsel :rofl:


If Trump loses he’s most likely literally going away, like out of the country out of the reach of lawsuits or indictments. Though I do expect him to claim to be the president-in-exile when he does.


Im excited to have a President who doesn’t derive pleasure from gaslighting the world


The biggest losers would be the American people. Steering the nation into the general direction of Venezuela and another Great Depression are not things to look forward to.

Not to even mention endless riots.


I guess when you’ve only got one playbook with a limited number of plays, you have to keep repeating them over and over.



If the right could turn mustard, tan suits, bike helmets and mom jeans into week long controversies…

They will find something to whine over about biden…


So basically like I said in the topic he’s not Trump.

A return to reality. Empathy for the sick and poor. An end to the lie “we’re turning the corner.” Respect for differing opinions of Americans. A return of faith in American Institutions like the CDC and Intelligence community. An end to failed trade wars.


And you think it’s sad that it’s not gonna be fun question mark like this has been?

If you’re looking to the government for excitement, man do you have to look at your priorities in life.

And maybe that’s the problem with our political discourse.

We aren’t looking to have real issues tackled, or figure out at which level of government should they be tackled, or whether government should even be the one tackling them.

We’re looking instead to be entertained.

Moving away from such a thing wouldn’t be sad in the slightest- it would be a great sign we are on the right track.



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The right wing media will $imply adore a Biden presidency. Switching from defense to attack, returning to the “conservative underground/revolution” narrative? Christmas would come early for those outlets.

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Deflecting to Trump.

Just stop!